Misery, First when human die your spirit spent some days in earth till the day you realize you have died your spirit will now went to some where without ending in heaven, next your shadow will come, while walking he will tell you all what you done on earth, next you and your shadow will now flew to another place where everybody that die are walking on straight line to the gate, where the narrow and larger way is, being guided by angel, (take note) narrow way is the one that lead to heaven paradise (kingdom of God) where you will see Abraham,paul and others where plant and cleanest water sing to God, this is little of the story, accept Jesus Christ today before you die and prayed for mercy

Some said that Jesus Christ is just a prophet I will prove to you that there different between the prophet and Jesus Christ first those prophet come through the union of a man and woman (spermatozoa) before they could be born, but Jesus Christ the son of God, God spirit in human flesh is the only one that can come through virgin without any sex, I think the wise one will understand and accept Jesus Christ to their life before it too late

Why prayer are not answer the way it suppose to be this day is because there is division among the church, I think is time for the truth church to be united with the help of the holy spirit because there is only one GOD the father and jesus the son and the holy spirit and is hightime for people to regard christian above religion because GOD is spirit and any who want to worship GOD must worship him in spirit and truth and with the gosple, and another thing is that christian should start running away from sin because devil know you are on the right way to heaven, but he will bring sin and temptation to hinder you and (take note) Jesus christ is the only way that is the law

The true Christian are the one that followed and meditate in the word of God the Bible and live Christ like life, and also Jesus Christ said he come to fulfill all the law that first you should love your God with all your heart and with all your soul and second you should love your neighbor as you love yourself which means if you love God you will keep the ten commandments that God initially wrote for Moses on the stone In the Bible

Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth to show the way from the earth to the cross to paid your debt from the cross to the grave from the grave to the sky,heaven Lord I lift your name higher, when you are in Christ you are a new creation, so accept Jesus and become new and precious before God, because the only way to God is in Jesus Christ, is in Christ you receive salvation, is in Christ your holiness and righteousness can have meaning

It is only in Christianity I have seen where true pastor, evangelist or any may of God fill with only spirit pray for some one that is sick and became heal or can't walk or can't see and start walking and start seeing which means power of God is present, reason they are not common is because there is different gift there is also gift of preaching and others, but I promise you time will come when Holy Spirit will flow in every nation touching everylife with, healing miracles and others, so accept Jesus Christ today

Some said that I don't need to be save by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior before I could get to heaven and telling God that what he send Jesus Christ to do is in vain and many soul are being wasted, you don't have any body to judge because they preach on radio television and others God manifestation of miracles healing salvation and others is in only Christianity

God love human being, we are one of the best thing God have ever created, God want to save every one he don't want anyone to perish that is why he send Jesus Christ the son of God do die for our sin and curse and make us new creation, in as much we believe in him and run from sin, Jesus Christ is the key to heaven because is complete holy and righteous and born of a virgin so accept him today and don't doubt

In the scriptures Matthew 7:13 Jesus Christ said straight is the gate and narrow is the way which Lead to life(heaven) and few find it, while wide is the gate that leadeth to destruction, so accept Jesus Christ today so that it can guide you through, some pastor and minister that God show vision of heaven said that the cleanest water and things in heaven sing to God you can see your image when you look at the cleanest and beautiful ground and some other things

Yes I believe that the Christians are the most popular and the most recognized to me I love being a Christian I believe that the Christians will prevail and the only people that believe Jesus Christ is alive today and Christians

The true Christian are the one that followed and meditate in the word of God the Bible and live Christ like life, and Jesus said he come to fulfill the law that, love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself which means if you love God you will keep the ten commandments that God gave to Moses In the Bible

Why do you think 8 out of the 10 most powerful nations are Christian? Christianity is a truly powerful religion. If there was a religious war, Christian nations would slaughter the non-Christian nations.

Do you know why I have strong faith in christainity is because I have see where an anioted evangelist or pastor with holy spirit pray for some one who can't walk and he to begin to walk or a person who is blind and dumb and is eye where open and he start hearing, with some other miracle and if you think they are not real or power of God don't exit is because you have not see one and why they are not common this day is because people did not have strong faith I will advice pastor should start praying for the release of holy spirit to certain people to do miracles

For God so love the world that gave up is only begotten son which is Jesus Christ, some said that how can God have son, maybe those one did not know the more meaning of son or they are telling God that he don't know what is doing as if their wisdom is greater than God wisdom and many soul are being lost because live without Christ am sorry for them O even beside that God realise is Holy Spirit to guide us because we need it

Jesus Christ said seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness all other things will be added on to it, also said in my Father place there are many mansion I go there to prepare a place for you, so why are we trouble ourself with this world all we need to do accept Jesus Christ run away from sin

I do believe that Christianity is a world renowned religion! I have a strong built relationship with God and Jesus and I know personally that He loves everyone single one of his children. I know that there are other people out there who are not Christians and I am so happy that they have found peace and love with in their God too, even if I don't believe in their God and they don't believe in ours, us Christians should always have love for others around us, including the people with other religions! xx

After Jesus Christ resurrect from death and went to heaven he send the Holy Ghost which is the comforter, that will guide us from temptation and false messenger (prophet) that have already come and go and is doctrine and is religion that have make many soul to be lost

To you all Christian is strong brave the sins are to shape our future we don't hate other things we must love everything and live harmony with every religion I don't know why others want war all I know is try to be nice to each other and you will get a happy ending

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Catholicism is the origin of Christianity with the Orthodox Church, it is Christianity so it should not be separated in Catholicism. It is known that Christianity is the largest religion in the world.

In Matthew 7:14 Jesus Christ said straight is the gate and narrow is the way that lead to life which means those that have salvation in Jesus Christ go to heaven to rest till the judgment day, second coming of Christ when everybody will be judged physically

The only best religion that lead to God and I will also advice some of them to start running away from sin because devil knows you are on the right way to God but he brings sin and others to hinder you and you should know that Jesus Christ is the only way

I am happy to be a good truthful Christian, and some of the name of Jesus Christ first he is son of God, the good shepherd, prince of peace the only way to God and it is only is precious blood that can cleans and save anybody from sin with some others

It is only in Christianity where God speak with is people, those that believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God, for example God will tell some of them the verse in the Bible they should use to preach in their sermon to the church

I am Islam and I have a lot of friends who are Christian, and I realised that both religions are really close

This topic is a big evidence that Christians don't try to prove of anything and avoid flag themselves, as their faith in God originates from loving every single creature in the universe.