Top 10 Most Powerful Skylanders to Play With In Skylanders Swap Force

The Top Ten Most Powerful Skylanders to Play With In Skylanders Swap Force

1 Smolderdash

I love this skylander

2 Flashwing
3 Spyro
4 Boom Jet
5 Star Strike
6 Blast Zone
7 Warnado

He ain't strong he's weak the tornadoes do absolutely nothing - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

8 Wash Buckler
9 Free Ranger

He so good when you fully upgrade him

This guy is OP as crab

This guy should be 1st

10 Countdown

The Contenders

11 Zoo Lou
12 Doom Stone

Doom stone is the strongest skylander because he can kill every enemy in 1 hit

13 Fryno

Who doesn't like a rhino-man on a motorcycle?

14 Freeze Blade
15 Spy Rise

Literally the most powerful skylander out there extremely fast and strong deserves top spot

16 Roller Brawl
17 Scratch
18 Rattle Shake
19 Fire Kraken
20 Night Shift
21 Trap Shadow

Awesome requires skill but very powerful with spy rise top

22 Rubble Rouser

He defense is amazing and so is his attack. He should be number 10!

23 Stink Bomb

He is really good when he is maxed out but best combo I would pick stink zone or freeze bomb but he is good without swap

24 Thorn Horn Camo

Noticed this dude wasn't on the list, so I added him. Probably a good thing; he can deal over 200 damage with a well-aimed watermelon! - Synchronocity

25 Magna Charge

He is an amazing guy, able to speed away from tight spots and blast enemies from afar. An amazing skylander for beginners and part of the best combo ever, Magna shift!

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