Top Ten Most Powerful Villains from Black Worlds


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1 Dark Lord Xorgath

The mighty lord of chaos and death across the multiverse, the God of Combat, Strength, The Great Binder of the Multiverse, The Demon God, the Death God... Whatever you wanna call him. This guy is easily the most powerful villain in Black Worlds. At the beginning of his story he already wielded power strong enough to bust a universe 50x over without a sweat, the intense raging heat on his body warps and bends reality around him, destroying and altering everything within a fairly large area of space. He is so powerful, he had to be contained within a special suit of armor to limit his power, if his armor came off, not only would Xorgath's powers be amplified by roughly 1 BILLION times more, but it could wreak widespread havoc on the structure of the multiverse due to the unstable energies emitting off his body.

On top of that, Xorgath is immortal has reality warping, time hax, life, hax, death hax, mind hax, soul hax, strength hax, magic hax, duplication abilities, size ...more - Freekissh

2 Adroxas the All-Destructor

Adroxas is the Dark God of the Xotol race, a race that was created to be the "One Race Above All". An average Xotol has the capabilities of ripping apart a galaxy with ease, a god of the Xotol is easily multiversal. Adroxas was prophesied to put the New Worlds along with millions of other universes in the dark, when Adroxas finally rose up from the darkest reaches of the Void, he created shockwaves that spanned many, many, MANY universes and wiped them from existence.

Adroxas is much stronger than Xorgath at the beginning of his story, he has very similar abilities to Xorgath as well. - Freekissh

3 Malceras the Forbidden One
4 Aoegwyth, Titan of Death
5 Malceras the Forbidden One V 1 Comment
6 Tathamet the God of Destruction
7 Deathbane, The Abyssal Everlasting
8 Eternity-Infused Ves'Kara
9 Progulous
10 Argaloth Hellbane
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