Top Ten Powerpuff Girls 2016 Episodes that Should Be Created


The Top Ten

1 One Coarse Powerpuff

This idea rips off One Coarse Meal, an episode where Mr. Krabs tortues Plankton to suicide via Pearl costume, which is horrible! If this aried, it's rock bottom, possibly even lower than that. - BorisRule

2 Powerpuff Girls Meets Star Wars
3 Fast and the Furious
4 Buttercup's Angry Management
5 Bubbles Turns Into A Monster
6 Godzilla Attacks Townsville
7 Mojo Jojo Gets A Job
8 Buttercup Meets Gumball

This is gonna be like madagascar where buttercup as Alex gumball as Marty Darwin as melman and anais as gloria

Not bad, I hope - BorisRule

Plot: buttercup is moving from Cartoon Network to Comedy Central for her new series the slutty adventures of buttercup

9 Hot Dog Eating Contest
10 Attack Of The Giant Bears

The Contenders

11 City of Punchville

Now that's what I call an epic idea. A city, where the violence is out of control, and PPG tried to tone it down (no, not censoring it, to reduce the violence), or Townsville violence goes out of control - BorisRule

12 PPG/WWE Crossover

This betta be good - BorisRule

13 A Pal for Powerpuff
14 Powerpuff Girls Meets Teen Titans Go, Again

THIS better be good, otherwise, it would be a failboat. - BorisRule

15 Blossom Gets Clogged in the Toilet

Disgusting, but not bad if she added air freshener - BorisRule

16 Bubbles Gets Steroids

NO DRUGS! - BorisRule

17 Buttercup as Sonic
18 Powerpuff Girls Meets DC Comics
19 Attack of the Penguins
20 The Time Machine
21 Mojo Jojo Builds An Empire
22 The Powerpuff Girls Meet Glee
23 Powerpuff Girls Meets Inside Out
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