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1 The Rowdyruff Boys

This or ‘Twisted Sister’ should be #1. It has an original storyline, and the ending is kinda hilarious in my opinion

I like this episode, it was an epic fight. The Rowdyruff Boys are awesome. My favorite part was when the girls were first hit by the boys, then Buttercup attacked and punched Brick in the stomach many times.

Deserves the #1 spot. - ElephantEric

More like the worst powerpuff girls episode ever

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2 Bubblevicious

That's my hardcore Bubbles! You show the others how it's done! Also what you did to Blossom could you do that again? Please? Sorry to those of you who like Blossom and think she can do no wrong but she so deserved that! Also you who said Bubbles was selfish and rude Blossom always is! Bubbles you are my favorite animation character! You go girl! Bravo!

I am sorry to say, a lot of you will disagree with me, but this episode is not top ten worthy. First of all, Bubbles was acting all selfish and rude because of how she felt, she nearly killed people because of that, and for doing simple things. I understand she hated being underestimated, but that by no excuse means she should go hurt people for no good reason. And she got away with it, she didn't even get punished for it. But other than that, the episode was good. And I liked when Bubbles made the monsters bleed!

This should've happened in All Chalked Up back then before, right?

The episode were Bubbles comes out of her shell.

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3 Slumbering With The Enemy

You actually sympathize with mojo this time because what if that was you going through all this babysitting hell?

This was a good episode, but not top ten worthy and great as people make it out to be. But Mojo as Mojisha is funny! Lol! The only thing I didn't like about it was the Antidote X part, also, what happened to the girls after that? I only saw them wake up, but are their powers still there? I guess so, since in other episodes, they appear to still have powers.

4 Keane on Keane

I don't really like this episode cause it's the standard Valentine's Day episode that follows the same storyline just incorporated into the series with a few small changes. And I honestly never liked the concept of forcing two people into a relationship

This is a decent episode, but not top ten worthy. It was cool how the Professor and Miss Keane, the girls teacher, dated. Overall, the girls don't have a mom, so it makes sense.

5 The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever

I liked when Buttercup puts on Blossoms bow, she looks good in it.

Ahh I loved this episode so much as a kid.. - PoopyPants

It's really cute and funny.

They are so cute in this episode. - DanManB

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6 Monkey See, Doggy Do

What a brilliant evil idea of turning all the people in the city into canines.

7 Mommy Fearest
8 Collect Her
9 Twas the Fight Before Christmas

I feel like this episode is a little underrated

10 Power-Noia

Best episode ever

I love this episode

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11 Speed Demon

This is actually a top ten worthy episode. Also, one of the most disturbing episodes, as well as one of my favorites. So, the girls wanted to go to the Bahamas, and Buttercup convinced her sisters to race to their house. They flew the fastest they could, with Buttecup winning. Then the girls flew into the future, realizing that everyone has turned into zombies, the Mayor died, and that there was a lot of destruction. Then Him told them that that's what will happen if the girls left their city, so the girls flew away back into the present. And they convince the Professor to not go to the Bahamas. Poor girls, they can't even vacation outside their city, that's how important they are.

Very scary and very descriptive. Very scary as well. I love this episode and it's the best one ever. - spodermanfan1000

This is one of the worst Powerpuff girl episodes because we don't know what happens to them to the future the worst is they can't ever leave the city for on weekend

Best ever HIM is disturbing as always scariest episode of anything

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12 Meet the Beat-Alls

I love seeing all of the references in this one! It's really hilarious to me and I'm so glad they dreamed this up.

Someone spent a lot of time, effort & creativity to cram so many Beatles references to create this classic episode, never tire of watching this episode, should have won an award.


All those Beatles references

13 Birthday Bash
14 The Boys are Back in Town

Awesome comeback to the Rowdyruff Boys! I loved it! Although I kinda got grossed out when Boomer caught Butch phlegm in his mouth that was just leeggh! Also Blossom becomes a total chicken! Seriously the brave and mature leader chickening about the boys being bigger than them? Seriously?! Bubbles gets scared easily she has an excuse. What's Blossom

Revenge on girls!

This was The Only Season 5 Episode I though was Good I'm the Writers deceied to Rerrecte the Rowdyruff Boys to Come Back.

This is my favorite episode of the whole show. The only part I didn't like is what they did to Bubbles with the gigantic slug Butch pulled out of nowhere. Other than that, this episode is awesome. But more than anything, I really think you should check the YTP of Jontron "reacting to PPG vs RRB", Anything is good in this episode, except the slug thing.

15 Criss Cross Crisis

Bubbles does NOT like being bald!

I honest thought it was a great idea of turning apples into oranges.

16 Members Only
17 Him Diddle Riddle
18 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

This was my favorite episode of the series, from the singing to the acting to the visuals, it was just a blast of awesomeness.


19 Powerpuff Girls Rule!

I wish Mojo Jojo could just die and be forgotten the same way Drakken died and became forgotten and the same way Boris Badenov died and became forgotten. I wish HIM could die and be forgotten the same way John Phillips died and became forgotten and the same way Fearless Leader died and became forgotten. I wish Sedusa could just die and be forgotten the same way Shego died and became forgotten and the same way Natasha Fatale died and became forgotten. I wish Princess 👑 Morbucks could just die and be forgotten the same way Darla Dimple died and became forgottten. I wish the Amoeba Boys could just die and be forgotten the same way Denny Doherty died and became forgotten. I wish Fuzzy Lumpkins could die and be forgotten the same way Jack Fenton died and became forgotten. I wish the Gangreen Gang could just die and be forgotten the same way The Mamas and the Papas died and became forgotten. I wish Ace could just die and be forgotten the same way Michelle Phillips died and became ...more

I hated the villains in this special because of when their eyes 👀 turned into keys ". That’s why I started picturing the villains exploding into dust.

20 Super Friends

Favorite ep of all time

I love robin she is a nice girl

21 Telephonies

This is my favorite episode in what is easily my favorite PPG season!

So funny, so perfect. Number one hands down.

Lol villians vs villians, plus Gangreen Gang. I love it.

22 Uh Oh Dynamo

Why is this not one? - Idiot244

23 Buttercrush

For some reason I thought it was cute Buttercup had a crush on Ace. I love how she kicks butt in the end of the episode, I just love Buttercup's feistiness.

I always loveed this one! don't know why but I love buttercup in it

It's cute how she had a crush on Ace but got over it and became her normal, kick butt self again and DVDs her sisters. - DragonPrincess1

I love this episode, Buttercup is so cute in this episode. Then in the end she goes so violent.

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24 Abracadaver Abracadaver
25 Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
26 All Chalked Up

Absolutely! I agree 100%

27 Child Fearing

This episode absolutely cracked me up as a kid. It still does now. The Blarney segment and Napoleon part absolutely kill me.

Blarney the Singing Sea Serphant. Your argument is invalid.

28 Curses
29 Little Miss Interprets

Awesome plot, cracks me up every time man

30 City of Clipsville
31 Down 'n' Dirty
32 Equal Fights

No other show has handled a topic like feminism so well.

I laughed so hard when she melts the head off her doll!

33 Tough Love
34 Ice Sore
35 Octi Evil

Episode that introduces one of the scariest villains in the series. Love it!

36 Stuck Up, Up, and Away
37 Mime for a Change

This episode has my favorite song from the series!

38 Something's a Ms.
39 Beat Your Greens
40 Powerprof
41 Los Dos Mojos
42 Cover Up
43 Nano of the North
44 Moral Decay

It's okay to like it but it's still not a good episode to watch for kids

45 The Bare Facts
46 Bought and Scold
47 Aspirations Aspirations

Best episode of season 6 for sure

48 Boy Toys
49 Octi Gone

This episode always makes me CRY.

50 Bubblevision
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