Top 10 Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episodes

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1 The Rowdyruff Boys

This was the Best Episode in Season 1 and the Rowdyruff boys put up one Heck of a Fight really Defeated the Girls in One Hell of Clash.

I like the Rowdyruff Boys. They are so awesome. My favorite is Brick. He is very funny. I like the part where Buttercup fights him- AnimeDrawer85

2 Bubblevicious

Least favorite episode of this season, Bubbles goes out of control. Bubbles was so rude in between and treated innocent people badly by beating them up. I know Bubbles was underestimated by Blossom and Buttercup, but that doesn't mean she should go beating innocent people. And the worst part is that Bubbles doesn't even get in trouble for nearly killing innocent people, yet Blossom gets arrested for stealing something she was forced, she even apologized, and Buttercup loses her teeth and money for beating up villians that kind of deserve it, that's not fair.

Most likable episode ever. Buttercup should've gotten whatever she deserves in All Chalked Up.

3 Monkey See, Doggy Do
4 Mommy Fearest
5 Octi Evil

Worst episode ever all because of the angry sisterly spats between Blossom and Buttercup which it just had to make sensitive Bubbles cry easily.

6 Abracadaver
7 Boogie Frights
8 Ice Sore

This is a great episode one thing I did not like was when buttercup and bubbles try to stop blossom from using her ice power maybe because they don't have that power they have to that ice power maybe the writers just want them to be annoyed since they don't have it yet there was a book of that episode renamed snow off maybe because the words ice sore was too painful for a children's book

9 Uh, Oh.... Dynamo
10 Buttercrush

Come on that's like my favourite episode ever!

Favorite episode in the season, along with the Rowdyruff Boys. It was so cute when Buttercup fell in love with Ace, but in the end, Buttercup beats him up real good- AnimeDrawer85

The Contenders

11 Telephonies

"Once again the day is saved by... Mojo jojo, Fuzzy, and HIM?

HIM was me in this episode lol

12 Powerpuff Bluff

Besides nobody (besides Miss Bellum) noticing VERY obvious disguises and even BUTTERCUP confusing the real Blossom and Bubbles for the fakes, I love this episode! It was really entertaining!

13 Insect Inside
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