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1 The power to perform magic

As a personal Hogwarts student, I can say being a witch is pretty awesome! - keycha1n

I meant to put magic powers. - cosmo

2 The power to know everything
3 The power to become rich

You wouldn't have to worry about a job because you would have money all the time.


4 The power to become popular and famous
5 The power to have everything

Because then I can get all these powers

6 The power to have everyone respect you
7 The power to travel wherever you want
8 The power to be immortal
9 To turn invisible
10 The power to be super intelligent

I don't know why, but I strongly desire this power. - RockFashionista

The Contenders

11 The power to fly

I would totally want this - flying is awesome, I cannot believe it's not higher on the list

I would love to do this. - Minecraftcrazy530

12 The power of time travel

I would go back in time and undo things I wish I never did and make it so that it never happened.

Oh, I WISH! So bad!

13 The power to control someone's mind
14 Power of persuasion

Trust me. this is all you need - Zombieman99

15 The power to make fictional characters real

I so wish I had this power. I am a huge anime fan and there are some characters from anime, movies, and comic books that I wish were real. I think they would make excellent companions for me when my other friends aren't available. They could even hang out with me and my other friends.

I super wanted this power because first of all, I am obsessed with animes😍 and also super cool mythical creatures😉✌...I WANTED THEM TO EXIST IN THIS WORLD!

I super wish to have this power especially because I am obsessed with animes 😍 and you mythical creatures😉✌

16 Power to predict the future
17 Power to make ignorant people see logic
18 The power to stay young forever

I would love to have total control over my own age. Honestly, who actually wants to get old? You don't look as good, you're weaker and more fragile, and you just go. Who actually wants that? I would love to stay young forever if it was up to me and only me.

I would be able to stay and look 21 years old, & get somebody who's a handsome

19 Power to jump far distances
20 Power to talk to animals

This is another power I would love to have. I've been crazy about animals since I was really young and I still am. If I had this power, I could talk to them, whenever I want and as much as I want. I could understand them, and they could understand me. I would love to be able to do that.

21 Power to walk on water
22 The power of xray vision
23 Teleport
24 The power to recover lost information
25 Energy blasts
26 The power to be super strong
27 The power to heal

You would never have to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

28 Force fields
29 Telekinesis

I could move or destroy things using only my mind.

30 Power to regenerate lost limbs

This would be a great power for amputees.

31 Power to shape shift
32 Power to control the forces of nature
33 Power to make your possessions good as new

If you have clothes or anything else that's old, tearing apart or broken, this would be a good power to have. You can fix it yourself so you don't have to spend money and buy new ones.

34 The power to communicate by telepathy
35 The power of intuition
36 Ice
37 The power to walk through solid objects
38 The power to turn back time
39 Fire
40 The power to disappear and reappear into thin air
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1. The power to perform magic
2. The power to become rich
3. To turn invisible
1. Power to predict the future
2. The power of time travel
3. The power to control someone's mind
1. The power to perform magic
2. The power to become popular and famous
3. The power to become rich


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