Top 10 PPOP Groups

Introducing Philippine Pop Groups! For English subtitles of the song, must visit TheFilipinoMusik in YouTube.

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1 XLR8

The members are very attractive and compassionate. Even if you don't like them, they'll steal your heart in a second. Get to know them, you betcha ;))

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2 Down to Mars

Half Chinese, Japanese, Korean... Who else can beat these group based on their nationality?

I really really love them :))) they are so talented and approachable to fans..

3 1:43

Can I vote more than once? They are the only boy band that produced hits after hit

I'm one of their fans. More power and good luck. Please support them.

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They've been practicing all the time before their debut. I saw their rehearsal in YouTube. They've done the best for all their efforts. Check out 'A FIVE Dance Rehearsal DYNAMITE' in YouTube.

I love lovely wuv them! They're the best! The rehearsal was already catch and most of all, they're handsome.

5 Pop Girls

Very charming and have nice voice based on their songs.

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6 Freshmyx
7 N'Voyz

Nvoyz! Versatile, pure talent with looks!

They are very cool at magaling!

8 Pointen

What band could have gotten a member mixed with Korean and Filipino girls? They're very talented and charming.

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9 Eurasia
10 Hashtags

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11 Girltrends

The best and girltrends

12 Kitty Girls
13 Gimme5
14 Sugar High
15 BlueRibbon

BlueRibbon is consist of 4 girls... They are preparing for their massive Debut

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