Top 10 PPOP Groups

Introducing Philippine Pop Groups! For English subtitles of the song, must visit TheFilipinoMusik in YouTube.

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1 XLR8

The members are very attractive and compassionate. Even if you don't like them, they'll steal your heart in a second. Get to know them, you betcha ;))

They are very kind and approachable to their fans :))

2 Down to Mars

Half Chinese, Japanese, Korean... Who else can beat these group based on their nationality?

I really really love them :))) they are so talented and approachable to fans..

3 1:43

Very talented with ballad songs.

Can I vote more than once? They are the only boy band that produced hits after hit

I'm one of their fans. More power and good luck. Please support them.

Galing ng group na to!

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They've been practicing all the time before their debut. I saw their rehearsal in YouTube. They've done the best for all their efforts. Check out 'A FIVE Dance Rehearsal DYNAMITE' in YouTube.

I love lovely wuv them! They're the best! The rehearsal was already catch and most of all, they're handsome.

5 Pop Girls

Very charming and have nice voice based on their songs.

Pop girls are so talented,. , please support them.

6 Freshmyx
7 N'Voyz

Nvoyz! Versatile, pure talent with looks!

They are very cool at magaling!

8 Pointen

What band could have gotten a member mixed with Korean and Filipino girls? They're very talented and charming.

I like pointen because they are the most good p-pop female... I love them,.. =^_^= pointen-pointen-pointen go" go" go"

9 Hashtags
10 Eurasia

The Contenders

11 Kitty Girls
12 Girltrends

The best and girltrends

13 MNL48

" The new legend"

14 Gimme5
15 Sugar High
16 BlueRibbon

BlueRibbon is consist of 4 girls... They are preparing for their massive Debut

17 Japh Dolls
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