Top Ten Best Prabhas Films


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1 Bahubali

It is coming to break all the records of telugu industry

Prabhas biggest hit coming soon

I want to meat you. Please...

Never break the bahubali records

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2 Chatrapati

I like you more than other heroes you only best in heroes comparing with universal hero and last thing one and only hero is prabhas

Love ❤ u darling

Darling prabhas bettar than pavan
, Mahesh, etc

3 Darling


King of tollywood in collection and for dynamic roles like bahubali

Darling darling...its everything darling...he is darling to everyone and everyones darling you darling

4 Mirchi

My favorite movie isn't yours


Nember 1 Star

5 Mr.Perfect
6 Varsham
7 Billa

Superb looks and action by prabhas annaiyya

8 Munna

Love ❤ u prabha

9 Rebel

Rebel star

10 Eeshwar

The Contenders

11 Baahubali: The Beginning
12 Baahubali 2: The Conclusion


13 Pournami
14 Bujjigadu
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