Top 10 Pre-School Show Cliches

Hi folks. Today I'm listing a few pre school show cliches. Not all of them suck, but still.

The Top Ten

1 The main characters introduce themselves at the beginning of every episode

The Backyardigans but Austin is cute. - Ilovestephanie

2 The antagonists aren't harmful enough
3 The same song is played throughout every episode
4 The character tells us to repeat words to spot something or make something happen
5 The character tells us where something is
6 Same episode format, but different plots
7 Pre school shows named after the main character(s)
8 The characters barely get mad, fight or do rude stuff

Duh, they're for four year olds. - Entranced98

9 The main characters never make an absence

Looking at this list I think people have forgotten what age the shows are for. Fine if you want to watch them but just remember its for children under 5.

I'm talking to you, Dora!

10 The main characters usually have a sidekick

The Contenders

11 Annoying kids' songs
12 Dance with me!
13 Sing with me!
14 Where is he?
15 I love you
16 Turning moonflowers into babies
17 Turning favorite characters into babies
18 Turning princesses into babies
19 Friendly princesses
20 I don't where I am.

Example: POCOYO!

For example: Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - Cinus-Findus

Not happy �"

21 Singing mermaids
22 Talking flowers
23 Friendly fairies
24 Talking pets
25 Whiny kids
26 Turning girls into babies
27 Whiny Preteens
28 Talking babies
29 Talking vegetables
30 Annoying theme song
31 I can't do this anymore
32 Annoying songs
33 Learning Colors
34 What's gonna work? Teamwork!
35 Let's Play!
36 Asking the audience if they're ready to help out the characters.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is probably the worst offender in this regard. - Gg2000

37 Learning ABCs
38 Learning Numbers
39 Singing Nursery Rhymes
40 Reading Stories
41 Reading Fairy Tales
42 Let the mission begin!
43 Let's dance!
44 Talking to screen for help
45 Everything has a face
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1. The main characters introduce themselves at the beginning of every episode
2. The antagonists aren't harmful enough
3. The same song is played throughout every episode


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