Top Ten Best Pre Vizsla Quotes from Star Wars

The Top Ten

1 Like you said: "only the strongest... shall rule."
2 We need action, not pacifism. We are under attack! There is no time for discussion! ...The name Mandalore should send fear into the hearts of these gangsters!
3 I want to hear their story... If they're an enemy of the Jedi, then they're a friend of mine.
4 Do you hear the people? They cry out for change. Your weak-minded rule of Mandalore is at an end. The resurrection of our warrior past is about to begin.
5 Do you serve Count Dooku? I thought there could only be two Sith; a master and an apprentice... And what do you seek now, Sith?
6 The transition of power will be seamless. We now have the support of the people and Satine to bait Kenobi. With his demise, our deal will be complete.
7 Our people were warriors; strong, feared. Now they're ruled by the new Mandalorians who think that being a pacifist is a good thing. They've given away our honor and tradition for peace.
8 For generations, my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi. Now, that woman [Duchess Satine] tarnishes the very name "Mandalorian."
9 This lightsaber was stolen from Your jedi temple by my Ancestors during the fall of The old republic. Since then, many jedi have died upon its blade. Prepare yourself to join them!
10 Between the Hutts, Black Sun, and the Pykes, we'll have a large reserve of muscle and supplies.
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