Top 10 Predictable Events In The Next Century

While time is unpredictable, no one in the world can't exactly be precise on predicting what inventions, events, or other things are going to happen in the next century as they could happen way sooner or later. Nevertheless, here are the following events and inventions that would happen in the next century.

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1 Nomadic Floating Cities

Nomadic Floating Cities are giant mobile artificial islands that are built to support basic needs to up to a hundred thousand or more people while providing consistent supply of clean food, water, etc. Having built-in cleaning systems that wipe out chemicals and other kinds of rubbish in both air and water environments. Nomadic floating cities also contain large amounts of plant life, and sets of archipelagos which are highly guarded since plant life may be rare in this century. Not only this invention were made to counter high sea levels but could also help with overpopulation if the whole planet were to be running out of space.

2 AI Cities

I think entire cities may become so industrialized to the point where it becomes perfect and everyone is happy - MSA33

I can see this, I don't like it, but this probably happen eventually - RustyNail

A majority of cities are now automated. Automated cars, skytrains, and other forms of public transport. A city full of machines that will effortlessly clean all kinds of dirt and bacteria, and capable of being ultra-productive in all kinds. Sources of light and sorts of materials are now utilized in a more clever way (e.g glowing walls). Many more types of technology is increasingly utilized. It would be a simply more organized, secured, and overall comforting types of cities to live in.

3 Picotechnology

This may be very highly predictable, or also most likely invented before the 22nd century. Like nanotechnology. Picotechnology is a technology that manipulates any matter that is trillionths of a meter, which enables individuals to manipulate properties at an atomic scale. Manipulating certain energy states via electrons to create a new, exotic atom or matter containing abnormal, stranger properties.

4 Interstellar Traveling

Interstellar Travelling may be highly possible in the next century. Man-made ships would be designed to withstand multiple collisions of asteroids, advanced AI systems installed to navigate to nearby, neighboring stars while avoiding space objects on their way, and advanced engine drives that reaches top speed that ranges from approximately up to several or more ten thousands of miles a second, but not so close to lightspeed. These ships would take decades to reach their destination.

5 Forcefields

Around this century, society finally has found a way to make forcefields not science fiction anymore. Forcefields provide an invincible field capable to withstanding most of weapons. Not only forcefields should be only used for military purposes, as they can be also used for guarding country borders, water and food sources, and any of the high tech or rich properties.

6 Elevated Intelligence

A vast majority of AI probably may have surpassed general human intelligence at this time. These AI are extremely versatile, multiskilled and have enhanced cognitive abilities that they could be applied to military, jobs, medical, service, recreational, and basically almost every type of businesses.

7 Disaster Control

Like weather control, but having more control over unexpectedly natural disasters. Advanced technology can accurately predict multiple earthquakes (and its magnitudes), volcanoes, tsunamis when, and where it could happen. Individuals surrounded in the disaster location are better prepared and where not to enter dangerous areas e.g vulnerable buildings.

8 Femtotechnology

Femtotechnology may be introduced in the next century, allowing matter to be manipulated on quadrillionths scale of a meter. Femtotechnology may also introduce and manipulate even more unusual matter that could be used while having extraordinary properties such as extremely durable but light materials, and entirely frictionless materials. There could be much more materials to be discovered whilst having femtotechnology.

9 Mind Uploading

Due to advanced pico/femtotechnology, intelligent AI, and other forms of technology This would become possible in the early next century. As mind uploading will be widely available, humans are able to replace their biological brains into modified, artificial brains. Modified individuals may also have access to versatile extensions that enhances their overall senses and ability.

10 Antimatter Power Plants

In the 22nd century, power usage has increased dramatically that the use of fusion power plants slowly fades away as antimatter power plants are now used as a replacement, thus providing countless energy compared to fusion power plants.

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