Most Predictable Thrillers of All-Time


The Top Ten

1 Twisted (2004)

crap - RW700

Ye-es, whilst I did add this to my list of underrated thriller movies, it's one I wish I could take back (along with Misery - but for a different reason altogether). The plot is weaker than diluted water (yah exactly) and I did suss out the killer pretty quickly, but not, like you, BEFORE the film started - my brain, being older than yours, doesn't work as fast. Ha! - Britgirl

Yeah I saw the trailer and I was like...yep, that's the killer right there. Shame, 'because I like most of the actors in it. - truckturner

Picked the killer before the movie even started. - truckturner

2 Street Kings

Picked the killer before the movie even started, Pt. 2 - truckturner

3 The Vanishing

The whole structure of the film makes it too predictable. Jeff Bridges is terrible in this. - truckturner

4 The Sentinel

As soon as you see the actor/actress on screen, 99.99% of the film becomes transparent. - truckturner

5 Blood Work

Ebert's Law of Economy of Characters is at play here. - truckturner

6 The Eyes of Laura Mars

Interesting high concept idea, but a dreadfully overstated performance from someone who should know better sets off red flags far too early. - truckturner

I haven't seen this yet (it could be the fact that I've never heard of it...) It's now on my "To Watch" list. Not doubting your word, I'd just like to view it and judge for myself. - Britgirl

7 Shutter Island

Have you seen a psychological thriller/psychodrama before? Then you've seen this film. Scorsese has an off day here. - truckturner

8 The Resident

The structure destroys any suspense or tension whatsoever. - truckturner

9 The Bodyguard

One of the twists is a lot harder to guess than the other, which practically has a character wearing a big sign saying 'Me! I'm the one! Over here! '. - truckturner

10 Witness For the Prosecution

It's a more than decent film overall, but if you're gonna cast someone to be an expert with's probably a good idea to hire an actor who can actually do that. - truckturner

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