Top 10 Predicted Best Movies of 2020


The Top Ten

1 Godzilla vs. Kong

It looks like it will be a REALLY good movie! I am excited... - micahisthebest

Put this on number 1. EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE THIS MOVIE! It'll be better than Batman vs Superman.

2 Cyborg

Lots of sequels on this list... for bad movies. However cyborg seems ok - Phillip873

You Were Fast - VideoGamefan5

3 Green Lantern Corps
4 Avatar 3

Releasing in 2021.

5 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3
6 Guardians of the Galaxy 3
7 Minions 2

Why does Illumination Entertainment keep milking these stupid yellow tic tacs! - Phillip873

Yeah! - darthvadern

8 Trolls 2
9 Kenobi

I'm not too sure if this Star Wars spinoff is actually going happen. Well, it'd be brilliant to see an excellent story about a Jedi named Obi-Want Kenobi actually happen.

10 Night on Bald Mountain

The Contenders

11 Sing 2
12 South Park Movie 2
13 Avatar 2

My predictions:
Opening Weekend: $250,000,000
Domestic: $800,000,000
Foreign: $2,400,000,000
Worldwide: $3,200,000,000
Rotten Tomato Score: 71%

14 Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story
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