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21 Sausage Party Sausage Party

Looks boring but will be funny

This could be worse than Norm of The North due to all the disgusting orgy jokes

I don't like where this is going

Makes u hungry

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22 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad

I have to say it was quite bad, just nonsensical plot and a bit cheesy at times (fire the screenwriters please), Will Smtih was great (as far as great he could be with what he has given.) But considering the hype and anticipation this movie was so great, it was so disappointing and horrible.

What a disappointing terrible I had ever seen the worst movie ever

I have advantages and disadvantages: The disadvantage is that it was kinda worse than batman v superman and the advantages is that Will Smith, my favorite actor, did try his best same with Maggot Robbie.

Jared Leto ripped off the joker from dark knight.

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23 The Jungle Book The Jungle Book

I actually enjoyed the movie, but I can't get mad because this is your list so... I guess people have full right to like or dislike a movie... - Flowersocks2137

You don't know how this website works, do you? Yes, I made this list but other people can vote on it and add things to it. I didn't add this movie. In fact, I love this movie. What is wrong with you? - MegaSoulhero

Some predicted it would stink, perhaps, but it will be remembered as one of the best films of the year. Please ignore any of the negative comments posted about this movie you see around my comment. They are not to be taken seriously. - BKAllmighty

This is a great movie, who added this? - Catacorn

This family movie is the best movie of 2016 other than Miracles From Heaven

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24 The 5th Wave The 5th Wave

It did sucks it was stupid. That part were she take her phone with no power ruined the whole movie for me. Worst movie of 2016.

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25 Kung Fu Panda 3 Kung Fu Panda 3

The first was amazing! Then the second came... And now the third... Just leave a good movie at piece! - Flowersocks2137

Best DreamWorks film ever! I loved the story, especially when Po found his father and he found out why Oogway chose him as the Dragon Warrior. There were so many action, this was completely different than the other animated movies, and Kai, the villain is sooo strong that nobody can defeat him except for a true master of chi.

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26 Trolls

Whoever put this on the list should die and get spanked. This movie was fantastic!

I saw this at the cinema the same day I saw the secret life of pets (look at my comment on sing to see when I saw it) and I saw the trailer for this. It was okay I guess, nothing wrong with it. - astroshark

Just saw this yesterday was good

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27 Sing

I saw the trailer today at the movies. Didn't look bad, but the Rabbits dancing to Baby Got Back was disturbing

Yeah that moment felt like the devil punishing the human race, that is how disturbed I was. - lolololololol

I haven't seen this movie, but in my opinion, it looks terrible!

I saw the trailer yesterday when I went to go see the secret life of pets. It looked okay, but the rabbits part was disturbing. - astroshark

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28 Arrival Arrival

Why is on list this is a great movie! - SpencerJC

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29 Bling Bling V 1 Comment
30 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party V 1 Comment
31 Yoga Hosers
32 The Huntsman: Winter's War The Huntsman: Winter's War

This movie SUCKED LITERALLY and fantasy and horror movies suck

33 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising V 1 Comment
34 Moana Moana

I haven't seen it yet, how is it here?

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35 The Forest The Forest V 1 Comment
36 Me Before You Me Before You

It looks so romantic. I am definitely going to see this. - birdechosplash

Looks like a sex movie like fifty shade of gray

37 Max Steel

You Know What, Forget What I Said About, Norm Of The North, The Darkness, God's Not Dead 2, Nine Lives, Fifty Shades Of Black, Ice Age Collision Course, And EVEN Finding Dory, This Film Max Steel Got 0% On Rotten Tomatoes, This Should Be NUMBER 1 - VideoGamefan5

This film is so family friendliness. I mean what?! The critics are so racist they don't care about family friendliness, I mean look at it. Do you even know what Max and Steel is doing the whole time. This is great

This movie sucked so badly. Nothing different, just the same old story you've seen. Nothing different from the T.V. show. Just plain old dumb and the film had no plot. Steel is a horrible robot, Ben Winchell is a horrible actor, and I did not appreciate the villain role for Andy Garcia as Dr. Miles Edwards.

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38 X-Men: Apocalypse

Why this? It's so cool. And why did the critics rate this 48%. I mean the villain is stronger than doomsday and thanos. This made the movie better. And looks like Raven is the new leader since their all young, and profeesor Charles does not want to show up, just dreaming to die in the hands of the Apocalypse.

39 The Secret Life of Pets The Secret Life of Pets

I might watch this when I have the chance. Oh wait, I do. It's on WatchCartoonsOnline. - Powerfulgirl10

40 Pete's Dragon
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