Mega Rants - Teen Titans Go! Movie

MegaSoulhero Are you serious? Are you actually serious right now!? How could anyone with anyone with a brain let something like this happen? It’s been announced that Teen Titans Go, one of the worst cartoons of all time, is getting a theatrical movie! Just... why?????

When I heard this news, I literally threw my phone at the wall! This is just stupid! Out of all cartoons, why this one? Adventure Time didn’t get a movie! Regular Show got a TV movie but wasn’t released in theaters! Yet Teen Titans Go of all things is getting a movie and is being released in theaters! Everything about the show is horrible! Yet, Cartoon Network doesn’t seem to get that it is very hated since they show episodes of it more than any other show on the channel! They’re pretty much just shoving it down our throats! I wouldn’t care if they gave it a TV movie, but a theatrical movie? Really? I know the original Teen Titans got its own movie, Trouble in Tokyo, but unfortunately it was a TV movie. Even though the original show is over, they could at least maybe make a live action film! That would be cool to see! But no! Apparently Teen Titans Go is so popular that it needs its own theatrical movie! By the way, I find it funny that it’s coming out on July 27th 2018 whereas this year the Emoji Movie came out on July 28th. Coincidence? Probably. But so far it seems like that’s the time they like to release terrible animated movies.

I honestly don’t know how a movie will work! I’m sure they might be able to come up with some kind of story, but most of the episodes are just the Titans doing stupid things and being annoying! And even in the episodes that have some kind of plot, it’s a very dumb plot! So what’s gonna happen in the movie? This is absolutely ridiculous! I like when cartoons get theatrical movies if they deserve it! SpongeBob didn’t just get one movie. It got two! And that’s because SpongeBob is a very iconic and popular cartoon! Same goes for Rugrats! Which I think got three! Powerpuff Girls definitely deserved a movie and it got one! The movie bombed, but it still got one! And Loud House is getting a theatrical movie because it’s probably the only cartoon that’s saving Nickelodeon. Teen Titans Go, however, isn’t a popular show! A lot of people complain about how much they hate it and agree that the original Teen Titans was better! So why are they making a movie?

Making a Teen Titans Go movie is such a stupid idea! Who greenlit this? If it’s anything like the show, it will probably be very bad! This movie most likely won’t make a lot of money! And I really hope it doesn’t! I mean... (sigh) Teen Titans Go movie? Really?


You see, Cartoon Network was just reallly high on drugs so they decided to make a movie off of their "best" show in CN history. - TristGamer

I don't even want to think about this right now, but to quote my friend Elric-san, they're only doing this for one purpose: because $$$. And... maybe Christina Miller's dead brain... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh no - visitor

To reassure you, there is actually an untitled Adventure Time movie coming out in theaters sometime in 2018 or later. I just hope Christina Miller doesn't screw it over, but knowing her treatment of Regular Show's conclusion, it might unfortunately happen. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yesss - visitor

Actually, the Adventure time movie got cancelled for the TTG movie. - visitor

Christina Miller... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh dear - visitor

I don't think that they'd cancel the Adventure Time movie, because Adventure Time is by Frederator and Cartoon Network. TTG is by Warner Bros(a different company) but who cares this movie will suck a lot and I hope it gets a 0 on Metacritic. - Drawbox

Well my childhood got 100% more destroyed - TwilightKitsune

Lol. They're not gonna make it - Neonco31

I meant It will not make it out as good - Neonco31

Warner has already made the crappy lego ninjago movie, now they will make a crappy teen titans go movie - VideoGamefan5

Noo why not an OK.KO movie that sounds good - Adventurur2

What we need is an Adventure Time and Steven Universe movie, not pure crap here. - Drawbox

Do you think fifty shades freed will suck? Because it's another fifty shades movie. - Fullwalking2

Yes, he does. - Trollsfan536

I'm out.

Screw being a movie critic if this exists.

The only thing that could be worse is a 2016 Powerpuff movie.


There is one
A fourth girl
A attempt to get views up
It was awful - visitor

Imagine getting this mad over this.

Like honestly, it's not that big of a deal. CN literally released an episode of the show clapping back at the haters. - ProPanda

You know what else is funny? The Emoji Movie came out on July 28.
TTG to the movies comes one day after.
No coincidence - Drawbox

I'm so done with cartoon network! - Jay12

I’m not even going to watch this. After that Powerpuff Girls Movie. - visitor