Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Will Suck!

MegaSoulhero Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks terrible! It looks like it’s gonna be an awful movie! If you thought the fire in California was the worst thing to happen this week, you’re in for a surprise.

Are people seriously excited for this film? The first Jurassic World movie was awful! I’ll admit, I thought it was okay the first time, but I like it a lot less the more I watch it. It’s a total rehash of Jurassic Park! It was just a cash grab! This is coming from a guy who likes the Force Awakens! It was similar to A New Hope, but at least you can tell that it also tried to be its own film at the same time. While watching Jurassic World, all I was able to think about was that it was Jurassic Park with different characters! The new characters are unbearable! Looking at this trailer for Fallen Kingdom, it looks better than the first one, but still very dumb. Why would they go back to the island? I get that want to save the dinosaurs from a volcano, but who cares? Also, volcano? The plot sounds very dumb. Basically, this looks like everything we’ve already seen in the previous films crammed into one movie! There isn’t anything original here! They even shoehorn that T-Rex in for nostalgic purposes! Nothing in this trailer peaked my interest! Jeff Goldblum is in the movie, although I’m not sure if he’s gonna have an important role. But hey, he was in the original so gotta put him in there. Even some of the acting in this trailer doesn’t look good! A very laughable moment was when Chris Pratt was shouting “RUN!” He acted like a 5 year old in that scene! I was literally laughing! One thing I’m happy about is that they’re using more animatronic dinosaurs. There still seems to be a bunch of CGI, though. And it doesn’t look good. This movie doesn’t look like it has a story! They probably think people are only gonna see the movie for the dinosaurs and nothing else. Even though that’s kind of true, people also want to see a good story!

Fallen Kingdom is just gonna be another cash grab! They’re not even trying anymore! It’s not gonna be as good as the original Jurassic Park! This franchise is pretty much dead at this point! Just don’t see this movie! Do not give Universal your money! It’s gonna be terrible!


You didn't have to compare your opinions on an upcoming movie to a tragic event like the California wildfires... That said, I don't really care for this movie in general. But from what you've seen, I can guess it's going to be another disservice to fans of the Jurassic Park franchise. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I mean, I didn't care much for the first one, but it surely cannot be as bad as the tragedies occuring in my state - Phillip873

I'm not sure what people saw in Jurassic World, but all I saw was just another movie where humans run from dinosaurs again. - Mcgillacuddy

My expectations for this are kinda medium. But what's with saying this is worse than the California wildfires? Not to offend you but... This is crazy! - Neonco31

I thoght Jurassic World was okay, but this doesn't look good - Gangem

Did you like? - iliekpiez

You will find out - MegaSoulhero

Megasoulhero when? - Trollsfan536

@Trollsfan536 When I’m done making the review. - MegaSoulhero