The Slender Man Movie Will Suck!

MegaSoulhero Ah yes. They made a horror film based off of a creepypasta internet meme from 7 years ago. I’ve always hated Slender Man. I never understood why this creepy character was so popular. And now that I’ve watched the trailer for the movie, I can tell you right now that it looks awful.

It’s literally just a bunch of creepy imagery thrown together. Nothing in the trailer was even remotely terrifying. In fact, it actually looked unintentionally funny. A lot of people have pointed this out, but it looks like another Ring film. That’s all I was thinking about while watching the trailer. This is some of the worst editing I’ve seen. Even for a trailer. I hate when trailers for horror films do that fast paced movement with very small glimpses of imagery flashed on the screen very quickly. How is that supposed to be scary? I feel like it’s gonna be one of those horror films that tries too hard to be creepy and edgy. It’s probably gonna rely heavily on jump scares. I’ve seen horror movies that have a lot of jump scares and gory imagery but use them to perfection. This movie is probably gonna just use these horror movie tropes just for the sake of using them and so they can call this a horror movie. It’s very lazy. Nothing here looks original. For a trailer for a movie called Slender Man, there’s not enough Slender Man in it. The most we see of him is a very hard to miss Shadow in the background. I know they don’t want to show him too much until the movie comes out, but I’m pretty sure the character himself is the only reason why anyone would care about seeing the movie. It’s kind of like how in Pixar’s Coco the actual character of Coco barely appears in the movie. Wow. I can’t believe I’m comparing this movie to Coco.

I find it ironic that this trailer was released shortly after the Logan Paul controversy. So far, 2018 isn’t off to a great start. This movie looks awful. I doubt it will make a lot of money. I doubt it’s gonna be up there with some of the best horror movies to come out in recent years. I’m not a fan of horror films, but this looks especially awful.


First, a movie based off of emojis. And now, a movie based off of Slender Man. What's next? A Bubsy movie? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A dabbing and bottle flipping movie? Pretty much called the 2017 movie. - TristGamer

I am scared of Slender man - toptenforlife

From what I've seen of the trailer myself, it's actually not that scary. The beginning did actually seem scary to me at first, but the rest of the trailer fails to scare me with the girl jump scare and the use of special effects for shock value. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

At least Paddington 2 will start the year good. - Trollsfan536

How about a documentary about the killing of that girl that was caused by Slender Man? - 445956

I laughed during the trailer, I just found it to be cheesy. I predicted the exact moment in which the Slenderman jump scare at the end happened. And I was right. Also, wasn't Slenderman popular back in like 2012? They're a little late to the party. Plus there's already a movie about Slenderman based on the small Marble Hornets videos. - RoseRedFlower

FNAF will probably be next.

Yay... - DCfnaf

While I do have high hopes for it, considering how good FNaF 6 turned out, I am prepared to hate it if it would turn out like the Slenderman trailer. - visitor

There has been one good video game movie.
Wreck it Ralph - RandomGuy1234

This movie looks SO BAD. I watched the trailer and it wasn't even scary at all! - Mcgillacuddy

Actually he's real I saw him twice I'm not kidding I'm being literal here - Kevinsidis

And it’s being made by Sony...oh god no. All jokes aside, it’s literally a huge pile of every horror movie cliche ever.
Loud noise before something scary. Yep.
Random (horribly edited) shadows. Also there.
Random creepy imagery that probably has nothing to do with the movie other to show that the villain can drive people to insanity and to scare people? Check.
Random silence after something violent? Looks like it.
I can go on and on but there’s too much stuff to cover in just a comment. Overall, I really am not looking forward to seeing this movie. - visitor

Guess what? When their franchises come to end they will struggle and become bankrupt. And they have it coming - RandomGuy1234

Coming in 2020: The Ugandan Knuckles movie.
(Sighs) - Drawbox

Hopefully we won’t get a Ugandan Knuckles Movie. - visitor

I thought the meme movie was fake? - Gangem

Whoever made this movie: SLENDERMAN IS COMING FOR YOU - TwilightKitsune