Top 10 Predicted Worst Movies of 2018


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21 Solo: A Star Wars Story
22 Sonic the Hedgehog

I really hope this doesn't screw up!

Better not disappoint

I like sonic, but this is a video... this is a video game movie... video game movies suck. - Fullwalking2

At all costs, never trust Eamon. He literally defended The Smurfs movie duology by Sony Pictures Animation, and even worse, he literally likes the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie! >:(

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23 The Emoji Movie 2

If this is real, then I'm going to leave this planet

Doesn't exists. DUH

Lol what? - Neonco31

24 Tyler Perry's a Madea Family Funeral
25 Duck Duck Goose

It's just going to be another generic "family comedy" film filled to the brim with bad fart jokes and toilet humor. Seriously, animation studios like Disney, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli have shown us that animation isn't just for kids and can appeal to all ages as not just an entertainment medium, but also a form of art as well! So it's sad to see studios like Sony Pictures Animation bring down the representation of animation. And with Open Road Films, considering they've given us stupid crap like The Nut Job and its sequel, this movie will definitely be no better. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

26 Paddington 2

I didn't like Paddington, - TeamRocket747

27 Bumblebee
28 The Incredibles 2 The Incredibles 2

Hey! The Incredibles is a great movie!

What? I want to see this, this looks like it is going to be good! - AnimeDrawer

Remove this! IRYO - Neonco31

29 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
30 Isle of Dogs

Looks bad

31 Deadpool 2 Deadpool 2

After surviving a near fatal knee boarding accident, a disfigured guidance counselor (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Poughkeepsie's most celebrated French Bulldog breeder while also learning to cope with an open relationship. Searching to regain his passion for life, as well as a new stuffed unicorn, Wade must battle ninjas, tight assed metal men, and babysit a group stereotypical side characters as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and creative outlets for his very open-minded sex life. He manages to find a new lust for being a do-gooder, a sparkly Hello Kitty backpack, all while earning the coveted coffee mug title of World's Best 4th Wall Breaking Superhero.

Deadpool is acting gayish and dumb and the plot makes no sense.

32 Wreck-It Ralph 2

Loved loved LOVED "Wreck-It Ralph" but do not care for the announced setting change to the Internet. And given the success of a certain other recent Disney film and that the Internet isn't for porn anymore so much as sociopolitical back-and-forth, it's going to be a spit-storm.

33 Angry Birds 2

Collapses to floor - TeamRocket747

That's 2019

34 Mission: Impossible 6
35 Truth or Dare
36 Smallfoot
37 Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Infinity War

Another boring, forgettable Avengers movie that will take all the attention away from better films.

38 Pokemon Sun and Moon: Necrozma's Revenge

I hope this isn't a live action movie, because anime live action movies always end up bad. - AnimeDrawer

I thought the anime was bad enough

39 Bumblebee: The Movie
40 Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad
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