Top Ten Predictions About the Future

We may not want to accept them, we may want to accept them, but they're mighty well accurate. These are just things I'm guessing, Its not like I need proof.

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1 Flying Cars May Be Sold by 2075

About half these predictions sound like they were parroted by little Obama-bots.

I wish Back to the Future was reality. Than we'd already have flying cars by now! - RockFashionista

Were already living in the future. Look at our phones, hybrid cars and treasured devices. - TheMainReason

Like blade runner movie - SpencerJC

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2 Female President By 2020 Female President By 2020

My papa says that Hillary won't make the final election. - AnonymousChick

Let's hope. Not because she's a woman but because her politics suck. - RiverClanRocks

Maybe even a little earlier. After Obama's time is done, Hilary Clinton may be elected next. - TheMainReason

May be done If we all vote for Hillary! Is anyone here of voting age? - Songsta41

And Clinton lost the election. - MrCoolC

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3 Latino President by 2025

There's more of a chance of the United States getting an Latino President, rather than actually getting a female president by the year 2025. - Crysis

I still believe that a Latino male president will be elected before a female president, no offense whatsoever. Its just America. - TheMainReason

Well why not?

4 Crime Rates Will Increase By 2030

No, it'll decrease, as that's the year my reign begins. - Therandom

No thank you!

Like, drastically increase. Today's American society is f*cked up. Kids are crazy. I'm 14 and will be 30 in 2030, and even I can say that A real anarchy will be in place sooner than you know it. - TheMainReason

5 Little to No Racism by 2040

Look at kids these days who are born and raised in a free willing diverse country. Most of these kids parents aren't really against racism as much, Its just the grandparents. By 2040, most people will not focus on racial hatred (at least not much as now) and will just continue to live life peacefully. - TheMainReason

Oh, how I doubt this. I wish I could agree. - PositronWildhawk

Well that's just not logical for many reasons - Songsta41

Ohh thank god

6 Minorities Will Be Valued By 2035

In a way that we all get the same amount of respect and treatment that We've always deserved. Minority music and culture is big now, especially when people are willing to take part in it. - TheMainReason

7 California Will be Split into North and South by 2025 California Will be Split into North and South by 2025

It might take a lil more time, but one things for sure, it definitely needs to happen. I mean, the REAL Cali is the southern area where most people move their specifically for the celebs, entertainment and lifestyle. - TheMainReason

Besides, ever heard of Baja (lower) and Alta (higher) California? - Songsta41

Rearrange the letters, take out one of the I's and one of the f's, and that already happened a long time ago. - Songsta41

8 Most People Will be At Least Bisexual by 2040

In an American society where 'bromance' and other media conflicted brainwashing successful ness, I think it's safe to say that in the near future today's kids will then be like "forget gender, I just wonna have some fun! " And the world will already be apocalyptic since its already its own hell. Like you should come in my school where no one cares about boundaries and do some of the most out-of-line shyt. And most females under 40 today are already in that "girls just wanna have fun" mindset. - TheMainReason

Now that's just stupid, people will like who they do. - Songsta41

Does the phrase "ever thought of settling down" ring a bell? - PositronWildhawk

9 Most People Will be Beige by 2090

With all the interracial mixing were having now, why not? Racism will already cease a couple years before, so its plausible. And when I say beige, I don't mean like drastically beige like if you're white you'll be a little darker and if your originally a dark/brown race you'll most likely be a little lighter. And the rest will be lighter /darker due to skin bleaching/tanning. - TheMainReason

Not to be a negative nellie, but I think we'll have to worry about other things in 2090. That's when climate change will SERIOUSLY start to catch up with us... - keycha1n

10 Puerto Rico Becomes a U.S. State by 2017

Lol yeah Alaska should be given to Canada and we should take Puerto Rico. - TheMainReason

I am from the future, and Puerto Rico is not our state - TeamRocket747

I don't think so... It's already December 2017... you need to stick with the times.

Hi, I’m from October of 2018, and we still don’t have Puerto Rico as the 51st State. - MrCoolC

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11 America Collapses By 2100

I guess this is a predictions list and not a logic predictions list, so why not - Songsta41

Yeah, that'll be after my reign, where no one was strong enough to make it as strong as I did. - Therandom

Its gonna happens in new York city and los angeles - SpencerJC

Yep that sounds right

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12 Robotic Era Begins Around 2069 hasn't already? Just look at the world around you. - RockFashionista

Or you can say "The Electric or Cyber Era" when starting off in Asia and America, the world (just like on T.V. ) will already start to forego the process of transforming Mother Earth into a big azz ball of Technology and Science. To bad I'll be old as dirt by then, I won't be able to really live and feel the life at that age. (Shouts out to my future self! ) - TheMainReason

13 Good Music By 2080

I think "popular music" will get worse and worse every year. - Elina

That's TOO LONG! GOOD MUSIC NOW - JaysTop10List

14 North Korea Collapses by the Year 2030

Thank god, America is saved

Haha I hope north korea will be collapses!
LOLOLOL Usa is goong to be freedom

15 Antarctica is Ice-Free By 2500


16 Donald Trump Dead By 2021

That might be true, I mean, Michael Jackson & Princess Diana have unexpected deaths. - Maddox121

Maybe 5 years after that. - MrCoolC

17 First Asian President 2090

It will be Ryan Higa - Ihateschool

18 GPS Guns By 2027
19 Russia Owns the World



20 Traveling to Mars Becomes Possible by 2035
21 Canada will get stronger
22 Human Race Killed by 2100

Unlikely to come for sure. - MrCoolC

23 The Couch Potato Era Starts at 2030

We already have a couch potato era now - Ihateschool


24 New Genre of Music by 2035
25 Russia Occupies Ukraine by the Year 2023
26 Japan Becomes Fully Independent by the Year 2035
27 Toy Companies Makes Pink Versions of Toys by 2034

Aren't there already pink toys? Who's thinking of these things? - Songsta41

28 World War 3 Will Happen In the Year 2052 or 2029

2029 is too soon. 2052 is better but I'll prefer it to never happen in my lifetime however.

29 Russia Will Take Over Ukraine by 2045
30 Lithuania Will Take Over Austria
31 Porn is legal 2055

You mean illegal? - MrCoolC

32 Donald Trump Will Be Dead By 2023
33 Spacecraft would be sold in 2300
34 The Vatican will invade Australia

It�'s true...

35 Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive by 2018

That actually did happen. - MrCoolC

36 The United Arab Emirates will drag an iceberg from Antarctica in order to supply fresh drinking water to its citizens for the next 25 years by 2018
37 Temperature will rise by 39.2 Degrees Fahrenheit by 2060
38 Google will index all the world's info and make it searchable by 2300
39 The Labour Party Will Be in Power by 2030
40 An American Middle-Earth Will Exist by 2044
41 The world will end in 3017
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1. Flying Cars May Be Sold by 2075
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1. Flying Cars May Be Sold by 2075
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3. Latino President by 2025


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