Top 10 Predictions for the Kids Choice Awards 2018

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1 Spongebob winning "Favorite Everything" again

You're going to get this right, friends. I really wish they gave a non-nick show award for once.

Spongebob will be the undefeated champion of this category.

I really hope that Spongebob will lose this year. Tangled the series, Loud House and Ducktales 2017 are way better than modern Spongebob.

I think this show might win again

2 Shawn Mendes winning favorite male singer

He does deserve it!

#mendesarmy he deserves it so much!

no way


3 BTS winning an award

Bts must win one they deserve to win in this

I hope BTS win because they deserve this!

They are so good, they take the world by storm, so they really deserve any award!

Bts must win they deserve it

4 Selena Gomez winning "Favorite Woman in The World" again

Yes I do think selena gomez is going too win this,s year

She's my favourite singer that why I picked her

Yes I do agree selena gomez, is going too win this,s year and best for her

She deserves

5 Fifth Harmony winning "Best Band Ever" again

They should twenty one pilots hasn't come up with anything in years they suck Fifth Harmony is going to win we have 3 albums out and have broke records and twenty one pilots hasn't done anything inspiring.

I really do think they deserve this

Twenty one pilits should win!

I hope not... twenty one pilots really deserves a chance to win |-/

6 It (2017) getting nominated for "Favorite Movie"

I really hope so!

I think so too


7 A Just Dance game being nominated for "Favorite Video Game"

Yeah, and then Just Dance winning "Favorite Video Game"... Please, for the love of God, just let Super Mario Odyssey win this year!

Really Just dance over Mario REALLY.
I hope Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the wild would win

8 Angelica Hale nominated for "Favorite New Artist"

So sweet and so talented and her life story is inspirational

Girl has got one great voice

9 Coco winning for Favorite Animated Movie

I hope it happens!

I hope it doesn't win any more awards.

It definitely should win

YES YES YES, It is a masterpiece

10 Memes, memes, and more memes

Well, it's Lazy Town!

They chose John Cena as the host for 2017 because of the dead meme.

I hate the fact that John Cena had to be host for two years in a row. He was already pretty boring at KCA 2017.

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11 Jace Norman winning Best Actor in a Kid Tv Show

I know that jace Norman would win because of the program he made with game shakers, called danger games

Definitely because he's an awesome actor!

He's overrated.

I love Jace Norman

12 A Mario scene/Some kid playing Mario before going on stage/A Mario game winning "Best Game of All Time"

I want mario games and Smash utimate to win! no to just dance and non mario games

KCA 2021



13 Teen Titans Go being nominated again

No Pleas don't nominate this trash

Nooo! U guys please Spongebob has always been the winning cartoon but please vote Teen Titans go it wld be nice to see Spongebob lose this year

14 JoJo Siwa or Jacob Sartorius Winning

I hope they don't I hate them but the probably will unfortanetly. I hated the 2017 awards because of this and that commercial with JoJo and that car or whatever it was. It made me mad to see.

They are both bad. Jacob is cringey and Jojo is the worst. Treats her poor dog like a purse and sings about dumb things that nobody cares about. Sorry to toot my own horn but I can sing better than Jojo

I think Jojo siwa is the best

Jojo cheated last time

15 Justin Bieber being nominated for "Best Male in The World"

Ugh I hate Justin Bieber and everything associated with him. 😡

Yes justin bieber is one of my favourite song writers😃

16 Anything made by Nickelodeon will win everything

Is Could Be The Loud House Or Spongebob Squarepants? Both Of Is Have A Same Change For Winning In This Awards! They Stick Together!

17 Super Mario Odyssey winning "Favorite Video Game"

It's one of my favorite games now and I hope it wins this year, I'll be watching to see

Oh please win. I'm sick and tired of Just dance winning

so true

18 Cars 3 Nominated for "Best Animated Movie"
19 Despicable Me 3 Nominated for "Best Animated Movie"
20 Camila Cabello Nominated

Camila Cabello is an absolute queen. She can be her cute, quirky self which I fans super cute, but she can also be in serious, professional mode which is also a good thing because without it, it would probably be difficult for her to write songs.


21 3 Cartoon Network cartoons get in to the best cartoon nominees list

I think they would be The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. *NOTE* This is my bold prediction

I agree 100 percent

Steven universe andokko let's b e heroes

22 We are Number One getting nominated for Favorite Song

Because.. just yes


23 BTS getting Nominated

Since I am an ARMY, it's only natural for me to wanna vote for BTS right? WRONG! I'm voting for them because they're finally being recognized for something that I have been recognizing before they even debuted. Each one of them has something special individually. But without them all coming together as one, there would've been no BTS. And I can't tell you how long I've waited for more of America to be noticing their worth and all the work they put into their music but it feels so great to see that everybody's starting to notice it. Thank you both old and new stans of the Bangtan Boys for driving their passion more. Even though I don't know more than half of you, I still love each and every one of you.

i'm a fellow ARMY by the way

24 The Greatest Showman winning "Favourite Movie" or "Favourite Soundtrack" and Hugh Jackman for "Favourite Male Actor"

I believe he should be nominated for his final performance as Logan/Wolverine in Logan.

Please let this happen!

25 Robbie Rotten Nominated for "Favorite Villain"

I agree! He's the best villain in the world!

Yes he is an amazing villian

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