Top 10 Predictions for the Kids Choice Awards 2018

The Top Ten

1 Spongebob winning "Favorite Everything" again

I swear, Spongebob will be the undefeated champion of this category. - Catacorn

Just making it more and more overrated - Neonco31

If it happens again I'm to lose my mind. - GenoKenneth

The Wayne sucks

2 Selena Gomez winning "Favorite Woman in The World" again

I do,agree just for selena gomez too, win

Selena gomez mira zmagati kar je the best

3 Memes, memes, and more memes

Well, it's Lazy Town!

They chose John Cena as the host for 2017 because of the dead meme. - Catacorn

4 Fifth Harmony winning "Best Band Ever" again
5 Teen Titans Go being nominated again

But it will lose again to SpongeBob, happily. - YouShallEatPoopy

6 A Mario scene/Some kid playing Mario before going on stage/A Mario game winning "Best Game of All Time"

Last year, there was a Mario scene and about 75% of the awards was about Mario, everything has got to be about Mario. This year, there were a bunch of kids playing Mario Kart 8 2.0 on Nintendo Switch. What is so great about Mario anymore? Mario Kart Deluxe is just another version of Mario Kart 8. Mario in my opinion is getting annoying, stupid, repetitive, et cetera. And I wish things weren't about Peach too. At least make a game not about Peach but about Rosalina or Daisy. - YouShallEatPoopy

7 Anything made by Nickelodeon will win everything

I'm not surprised anymore, Nick is very cocky about themselves, they completely made this award show about themselves patting them on the back for how "good" their content is but in reality, A LOT of people hate their crap content. - YouShallEatPoopy

8 Justin Bieber being nominated for "Best Male in The World"

Ugh I hate Justin Bieber and everything associated with him. 😡

9 It (2017) getting nominated for "Favorite Movie"

I really hope so!

10 Robbie Rotten Nominated for "Favorite Villain"

I agree! He's the best villain in the world!

Yes he is an amazing villian - Ihateschool

The Newcomers

? Coco winning for Favorite Animated Movie

I hope it happens!

? Star Wars Rebels getting nominated for Favorite Cartoon

I hope it happens

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Odyssey winning "Favorite Video Game"

so true

12 Cars 3 Nominated for "Best Animated Movie"

The trailer makes the movie sound depressing. I can see it winning a lot of awards in the future. - YouShallEatPoopy

13 A Just Dance game being nominated for "Favorite Video Game"
14 3 Cartoon Network cartoons get in to the best cartoon nominees list

I think they would be The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. *NOTE* This is my bold prediction

Steven universe andokko let's b e heroes

15 LazyTown appearing on the show
16 We are Number One getting nominated for Favorite Song


17 Despicable Me 3 Nominated for "Best Animated Movie"

I loved the first Despicable Me but I haven't watched 2 or Minions. - YouShallEatPoopy

18 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie winning Favorite Animated Movie

This movie was awesome!

19 My Little Pony getting nominated for Favorite Cartoon

Better but chances are... low - Neonco31


20 LazyTown getting nominated

It needs to be true!

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