Top 10 Predictions for the Next 1000 Years


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1 We will perfect A.I.

These are the best predictions for 3015, because we can only speculate what the future has in store for the human race - Martinglez

This will never happen, guaranteed, simply because we're human and we love nothing more than to bitch about how imperfect something or someone is. - Britgirl

2 We will colonize mars
3 We will discover if there's life on other planets
4 Flying cars/hoverboards will be used daily

Make it happen. It must! - RiverClanRocks

5 Neil Armstrong will be the world's most legendary hero

I'm sorry, but I dn't think it's gonna happen. The world's hero will probably be Gandhi or Emerson. - Turkeyasylum

6 We will use space travel
7 We will be using phones for everything
8 There will be even more cultural diversity

This one is incorrect. A thousand years from now, there will be nothing remaining of anything any of today's cultures.

Instead, the world will be a big America. Everyone will speak English with the same accent, everyone will look the same and every settlement will have McDonald's.

9 There will be bigger human lifespan
10 We will destroy ourselves

I'm predicting a crisis will occur in my generation's lifetime which will cause widespread war and poverty. My guess is that it will start due to the depleting soures of energy. While cars with renewable energy are being made, they most likely wont be affordable by the time the world runs our of fossil fuels. And with the ever-industrializing world, our resources will wear out even quicker. - Turkeyasylum

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? Someone accidentally pressed the big red button

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11 Some animals around today will be extinct
12 There will be another world war
13 TheTopTens will be used by future generations

Duh. This is only the best site ever. - RiverClanRocks

14 The world will be completely Americanized

Unfortunately, it looks like that will be true.

15 Antarctica will have completed melted
16 The only animals in existence will be humans, dogs and cats

And even more pets and farm animals too

17 Half Life 3 will be released
18 The world will end

It depends duh! - Neonco31

19 TV tropes will die
20 Earth's population will be restricted to no more than 2 billion people
21 There will be phones in our arms
22 Humans will have drowned

Duh duh duh

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