Best Predictions for the Next 40 Years

We all know the world isn't that good now, but how are these predictions in your opinion?

Vote based on how accurate this is, please.
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1 Donald Trump will be impeached

Donald Trump will possibly be dead within the next 20-40 years

He will be invroved realtion with the Russia, but will worse the relation with China... China are not less "dangerous" whan Russia...

2 The world will end

With all of these nuclear weapons, it could any second now by us destroying each other.

3 World War 3

It's actually pretty likely.

Yes it can happen

5Reasons will make it happend... Modi, Trump, Putin, Jinping and Kim

Me: I bet in 2019 WWIII will start
Mom: That’s unlikely
Me: 🤦🏼‍♀️

4 Hollywood's major sex offenders will finally be exposed, in the same way the Catholic Church's were
5 Russia and America will go to war

Console Players: Wait so we don't get aim assist?
PC Players: So we can't just click and shoot?
Wii Players:

Trump better not let this happen.

Sadly enough, it is possible

That'd be a threat

6 We will create robots that are hyper-realistic

Then they'll go I, Robot, Ex Machina, Terminator on mankind and try to take over the earth

7 We will have flying cars

I don't know why we need them though

It's possible.

8 Justin Bieber will stop making bad music

Shouldn't this be Justin Bieber will stop making music?

9 Spongebob will end

It would be pretty impressive if it could last as long as The Simpsons, even though that show doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon either.

It's been going on for too long and isn't good anymore...

I thinks its accuelly ending soon

10 Michelle Obama will run for president in 2020

Yes, because her husband did such a great job now didn't he?

I thought it was gonna be Kanye West

Kind of likely..?

The Contenders
11 Everyone reading this list will be forty years older

Unless you get killed or die of bad health.

Anyone will actually be 24 years older

Goodness! I'll be eighty!

Goodness! I'll be fifty!

12 Taylor Swift will still be writing and singing songs about ex-boyfriends
13 Donald Trump will run for president in 2020 but fail

It depends if he does good or bad as president in the next 4 years. I'm heavily hoping he does the former. I honestly just want him to actually be a good president. He can either be the next Reagan or the next Bush. Please be the next Reagan. Please. Him being the next Bush would only prove he shouldn't have run in the first place. And if he does become the next Bush, then hopefully he will fail reelection in 2020 if he runs again.

Nah. He'll be too busy making America great again!

14 The Lion King does not get banned

Never! It will not get banned!

No. It should be banned!

15 Jesus rising again
16 Russia will become most powerful country

You better not let them do so, Trump!

17 Trump engineers strong economic turnaround
18 Tommy Wiseau Will Run for President in 2020

Who the hell is Tommy Wiseau? The only thing I know about him is that he would be 100 times a better president than Kanye West.

Update: I just learned Tommy Wiseau is a character from the movie The Room.

19 Apple will go bankrupt
20 Donald Trump Will Have Made the World Similar to How Biff Did in Back to the Future 2.

So... is this a bad thing or a good thing?

21 Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all work together on a new console

If this hapenns this time the console fanboys (Including Nintendo's) will crash the video game industry.

22 Illegal immigrants no longer able to enter the United States

Improving border security? Yes. Literally building a wall? That just sounds like something a kindergartner would come up with when asked about how to deal with illegal immigration.

That's not fair and I'm a legal citizen I think only ones who commited crimes should be kicked out innocent ones should be allowed in

23 Humans reach an infinite lifespan

That would be amazing, but I think that could be possible in a little more than 40 years. Also, wouldn't the population gets even bigger or something like that?

24 The Lion King is banned

It's those stupid TLK haters at it again. I just know it.

25 Super Smash Bros: The Movie is made and becomes one of the highest grossing movies of all time

Though video game movies tend to be not good, I would love this.

This would be an intriguing experience.

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