Top 10 Predictions for a Post COVID-19 Society

COVID-19 has drastically changed our world as we know it. Social distancing and masks have become part of our everyday lives but at some point we will find a cure. That’s what happened with the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 they found a way to move on. At some point things will go back to normal or close to it anyway. Here’s some predictions for what our society may look like in a new normal

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Masks become common in society

Wearing a mask is a mandatory thing during this pandemic, but I still see a few people who don't wear masks, and since I'm from San Diego County, people take it more seriously in here.

I have a mask at home, and I would still wear one again after this pandemic is over, but I would mainly wear one if I have the flu or for many other scenarios.

People are tired of wearing masks, I doubt these will stick around after this bullcrap is over. The only people who will probably keep wearing those are the ones who are sick and who don't want to contaminate others or get contaminated.

It’s no secret that masks have become the new normal at least for now. Some are skeptical if they actually work but regardless it’s very likely that they become a fashion trend. In countries like China masks are common in everyday life. In the US some are skeptical because historically they are seen as criminal as in trying to hide your identity. Now some people may use it as a fashion trend all it takes is one or two major celebrity figures to show them off and then they’ll stick around

I feel bad for anybody who would be this fearful of anything.

Our lives will become online based

Well, if in a way, because 1st of all people want this world to be as virus free as possible (though that won't happen) & will save a lot of travel hassle by communicating with friends online. Though there's a setback in this that once President Trump bans saving grace platform TikTok from America, then people will lose faith & America will have much less time spent online as opposed to many other countries, therefore as for the U.S. it's more likely our U.S. lives will be more focused on reality as we'll be too bored for all the other platforms not to mention many markets will become poor in the wake. Basically, much of the world's society will be online-based since COVID-19 with the exceptions of some countries including the U.S.A.

During quarantine most businesses and schools adapted to online alternatives. Zoom was a pretty popular video calling program. You can do a lot online already like do school/work. Shop, order food, watch movies, etc. With all of those available online why leave your house now? If you really wanted to you could stay home 24/7 and maintain a relatively normal lifestyle. Thinking about this even 10 years ago would be impossible

Looks like person-to-person slowly is going to cease, although it already did since pandemic started. I feel more bad for some of the other countries like Philippines who are struggling with internet connections due to their poor network infrastructure.

A down side to this is that people won't meet each other as much and therefore won't create as many friendships. That is one of the main reasons why I hope school will resume as normal after this pandemic.

Restaurants will never be full capacity again

During this pandemic, these restaurants don't allow full capacity. Another factor as to why dine-in capacity is a lot less common is because of food delivery.

Honestly I think in order to get back to normal we’ll have to reduce capacity for restaurants down to like 60-75%. You will have less tables and more space. It’s not just restaurants but movie theaters amusement parks and any public venue for that matter if they want to get back to normal 100% they’re gonna have to eliminate some tables or seats or whatever to bring risk to a minimum

Hand sanitizer stations will be more prevalent

Hand Sanitizer has obviously become more common now than ever before and as we slowly return to a state of normalcy don’t be surprised if hand Sanitizer stations start appearing all over in stores, restaurants and other public buildings. If you’re the owner of a business the last thing you want is an outbreak in your building you want to reduce the risk as much as possible. These places will likely do everything in their power to keep the Coronavirus at bay

Especially in supermarkets and shops. People touch EVERYTHING inside of such places.

Contactless gestures become more common

I don't see this happening at all. Couples will still hug and kiss, parents and family will still hug each other. Most of these are people who live with each other and there's a limit using social distancing, we are humans, we need contact with others. If someone is sick either they don't join the family reunion or they are careful to not touch anyone or anything. Plus the handshake has been used for centuries and if someone is that scared to shake someone's hand, just wash them afterwards, simple.

Prior to COVID you would typically greet someone with a high five or handshake right? Well maybe not anymore. Gestures like a wave may be more common now even hugging and kissing may be a thing of the past. This may be a bit of a stretch but it’s possible that this becomes reality

This is awful. I love giving hugs and just having physical human contact in general. Now there is no warmth in society and feels rather lonely.

Temperature checks will continue to be a requirement

Public health will be taken very seriously. Some places already require it like schools that return to in person learning, doctors offices, and hair salons. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a normal trend at any public building I’m talking stores restaurants banks gyms anything. Businesses don’t want to take any chances because it only takes one positive case and we’re back to being restricted again

Automatic doors become more common

Doors on public buildings are a dangerous hotspot for germs I mean think of how often you’re opening doors to restaurants or hair places I feel it’s not out of the question to have automatic doors become common like grocery stores who are already ahead of the game for the most part

Dental appointments will be very expensive
Public transportation wait times will increase

There’s a lot of people who rely on public transportation to get to and from work or wherever they are going. I don’t think they completely die out to Uber and Lyft yet but there’s likely going to be limited capacity meaning those who ride busses or subways will likely have to wait which could push people to Uber or other ride sharing services potentially

As someone from San Diego North County, busses now take an hour than around thirty minutes for the next bus.

Travel numbers rapidly increase

During Quarantine travel numbers came to a grinding halt down almost 97% at one point. After COVID expect resorts to reopen and people to flock to these places. It’s human nature we don’t like being restricted and confined to our homes so yeah I say there’s already gonna be people bold enough to vacation on the beach now especially with the colder months right around the corner

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Drive-in theaters make a comeback

This is bold but think about it regular theaters will be struggling to run at limited capacity and will likely become even MORE expensive than they already are. Drive in theaters have an opportunity to come back now because they fit social distancing guidelines. For some this would be a nostalgic experience for others a brand new experience they can get into instead of Netflix and chill. I’m just saying there’s a possibility that this happens

That would actually be pretty cool and a good way to take your girlfriend out on a date without being surrounded with annoying people.

"Netflix and chill"

Before Netflix, people had intercourse in their cars instead of their living room.

Black Friday will have more restrictions

We already have a virtual version of it, Cyber Monday. But possibly stores will have more restrictions on how many people are allowed into a store come holiday season shopping which will be good because people can get crazy.

Increase in emigration from the United States

That's actually a good thing America in some parts is very overpopulated like California and Florida

Buffets will shut down
Sports events are more frequently held without fans
People will flee to the suburbs
A loss of jobs
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