Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 1 Recap

htoutlaws2012 Disclaimer: Because of Hurricane Irma The Dolphins and Buccaneers could not play this week in which my thoughts are oh well.. but I do feel bad for those who have no power there. With that out of the way here's week 1 and how it all went down.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New England Patriots: The biggest game to start the season with two of the teams that finished number's 1 and 2 respectively. Everyone thought the Patriots would lay the 40, but instead the Chiefs absolutely turned it loose in the 4th quarter, and it was but over after that. Alex Smith played his best that have ever seen, and also Kareem Hunt had one of the best debuts for a running back I have probably ever seen now granted he did fumble, but after he did he kept his cool and destroyed the Patriots's defense afterwards that says something. Tom Brady was not totally terrible they just could not really do a whole lot against that impressive passing defense the Chiefs brought in Gillette stadium. Rarely do we see the Patriots ever lose at home makes the game one to remember.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Houston Texans: The crowd had roared when J.J Watt stepped out the tunnel carry the flag Mr. Houston himself. The jags coming into the game you think would lose just base off of a quarterback whose likely not to come back after getting the total rejection he got in the preseason. Meanwhile The Texans were doing barely anything on the offense when Tom Savage was at quarterback he hardly did anything. Luckily even though it did not do much DeShaun Watson comes in rightfully so and gives the team there only touchdown the whole game as they went on to flat out lose to a team that was physically prepared for them in the Jaguars. I mean you take out J.J Watt and that team just crumbled really badly. Lamar Miller, and DeAndre Hopkins did a little better, but still could not do anything got out beat 90% of the game.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins: A lot of highlights in this longtime rivalry in the NFC East, Eagles looked really good in this game, yeah they gave up points, but when the team did step up they did what they had to do make key plays to end the game even if his arm was moving would they have still won think about that based how Cousins was playing near the end of the game. Speaking of the Redskins the running game was non-existence and Kirk Cousins pretty much had to air it out as he was getting massive pressure on every down it seemed like. Meanwhile Carson Wentz looked like he was last year despite throwing one pick he still played a great game, and a signature touchdown to escape the pressure made him look like an opposable threat for the Cowboys and Giants later down the season what he is capable of doing. The running game was alright, but years wise not much to say, the overlooked story is the battle of Josh Norman and Alshon Jeffrey in which case Josh Norman looked like he won since Jeffrey only had 3 catches for 38 yards in which case was interesting, but nothing of what the outcome of the game would end up to be.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Detroit Lions: Okay i'll admit early on this game did not look good when the punting, and fake field goal conversion did not work I fought i'm in for a long season aren't I? The Lions were fortunate to have a good defense step when they needed it there were many times in this game the Cardinals could of bee up 21-0, but both attempts they were stopped. The Tavon Wilson interception would step up the offense to go to work. As the unsung hero would then be turned to the newest wide receiver of the group Kenny Golladay making a pretty debut by getting two key touchdowns to ice the game for the Cardinals to suffer a really devastating loss by losing the star Running Back David Johnson to about 8-12 weeks this could very well be the end for Carson Palmer, and Larry Fitzgerald the age showed in this game.

Oakland Raiders Vs Tennessee Titans: This was for me the game of the week was the Raiders going into Nissan stadium to take on a potential playoff team in the Titans who looked on a hot streak at the end of last season. This game was looking like a back and forth contest between these two teams, and for the Titans there are a few things that standout The Titans could not get the running game to come alive, the defense got on both the run and the pass, and that was key for the Raiders to win this game was by having the rushing defense step up at the right time.

New York Jets Vs Buffalo Bills: Would you of guessed the AFC East would be decided by these two teams unbelievable. Jets to me are in tank mode so everyone expected the Bills to win this game, but for a team that is tanking they played a much closer game than a certain other team. Let's be honest though the offense for the Jets sucked all around next the defense is not entirely bad in fact they gave up only 20 points which may seemed bad, but again that other team gave up 40 I mean words cannot describe how awful they were. Bills looked fairly good offensively, McCoy pretty much did most of it by running hard at the Jets rushing defense.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Chicago Bears: This was a pretty good game for being quite a surprise, I mean Chicago gave it everything they had on the Falcons Atlanta could not for the life of them stop the run. Between Howard and Cohen that's a impressive tandem we are seeing that we could see more of later down the weeks. Matt Ryan played a good game statically, but it seemed like he needed somebody new someone fresh da Bears did not see coming that my friends is Mr. Austin Hooper the Tight end. Stiff arms his way twice to get one touchdown, and some big chuck of yards for the Falcons to maybe escape with a win. Mike Glennon suddenly for a brief few minutes found a passing game somehow. at the goal line stand for the Falcons can they actually upset the Falcons no they came up short, and you know what though if Jordan Howard had caught the 2nd and down play da Bears could have won, but oh well.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Baltimore looked really great on the defensive side of the ball absolutely destroying the Bengals offense in every way possible now that is Baltimore football. Offensively that did a fairly decent job, and having Terrance West in the backfield should not be of any concern since his been familiar with the offense for quite sometime now, and adding in a much needed receiver really puts this team is a sleeper for opposing teams. Meanwhile life with Cincinnati does not look good, and if you end up going 0-2 the season will indicate another failure of a season. Not many teams can make the playoffs starting 0-2. You have no indication who is running the ball, AJ Green seemed transparent, and Andy Dalton was flat out terrible that offense needs to regroup fast as they have a chance against Houston now that there defense is all screwy.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Cleveland Browns: This was actually a pretty good game for a Browns team that will usually get torched by the Pittsburgh Steelers for years. Le'Veon Bell was hardly a factor, and Ben Big ended up going to the reliable Antonio Brown instead, and also Jessie James stepped up for the team as well. Meanwhile DeShone Kizer was keeping it cool only missing 10 passes, and throwing 1 pick, but for a Brown that's actually really god against the team that's likely go to the playoffs in your own division.

Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Rams: This game was painful to watch I mean the Colts on paper like fought they would be absolutely atrocious on both sides of the ball. Jared Goff had his best game, even if nobody is really convinced i'm sure not I mean this is A Colts that's most likely getting the #1 or 2 overall pick in 2018. There certainly not going for Sam Darnold by any means, but they need a sign they can get better because the colts have regressed year after year since making to the championship in 2014. Everything the Rams had going offensively worked you might as well of been playing Rutgers for crying out loud that's how bad the Colts defense was, and probably will be for the next 15 weeks.

Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers: I would of fought the 49ers could of put a better offensive display, but with Hoyer that does not look to be the case. Carolina on the other hand didn't do as much offensively either, I mean yeah McCaffrey did not do great, but he did a lot more than Joe Mixon who played the worst of the rookies who played in week 1 even Marlon Mack that Colt put up a pointless effort. In the end Carolina had the better all around defense then the 49ers, and that proved to be key to the game.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Green Bay Packers: Tough game in the 1st half between two teams that will most likely go back to the playoffs. Both teams struggled offensively early on, but in the end Aaron Rodgers was able to get things going his way with the running game coming into help, and Cobb and Adams stepping in when they were needed along with Nelson.

New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys: Giants look terrible offensively even without Odell Beckham that's just pitiful. Meanwhile Zeke Elliott plays and Dallas steam rolls through a Giants team that had there number last year don't even play like motivated football team just a team that has offensive line issues.

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings: I excepted a much better game then this I mean Drew Brees usually would put up great numbers on Monday night not in this case as the running game got shut down, and passing game nobody went over 50 years is just unheard of, and maybe the Brandin cooks trade did impact this team, but maybe i'm overreacting. Minnesota destroys the Saints in the second half Dalvin Cook gets late touches meanwhile the Saints defense made Sam Bradford look elite like we have not seen the Saints's defense this bad before ugh.... we have.

San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncos: I could not make it to the second half, but it was the better of the two Monday night games, and Denver got the win by blocking what could of been an overtime game that gave the Broncos to breath with a win. There was nobody really standout in a way no receivers really I guess Benny Flowler since he got two crucial touchdown for Denver. I guess Rivers, but the yards were not very much even with 3 touchdowns he did try the hardest of all the guys who played.

That was week 1 of the NFL, and that was a bit of unpredictable ride of more to come down road for a long season.