NFL Week 11 Analysis

Time for the next edition of the Analysis. There was a bunch of really close games so Let’s see what the cat dragged in this week.

Seattle 27 (5-5). Green Bay 24 (4-5-1)
The latest matchup in this relatively new rivalry goes to the Seattle. The Pack built an early lead but Russell Wilson and the Seahawks wouldn’t go down without a fight and were able to come back at home and win a huge game that could be a factor in the playoff race. The Seahawks put themselves right in the mix. Unfortunately for Green Bay you’re playoff chances took a major hit. It’s gonna take a lot of work with little room for errors if you want to make it.

Baltimore 24 (5-5). Cincinnati 21 (5-5)
Lamar Jackson didn’t disappoint in his NFL debut. He lifted the Ravens by rushing all over them in a must win game for both sides. Both teams were struggling heading into this game but in the end the Ravens came out on top which keeps them in the running for now . As for you Cincy your in a little trouble. Losing 4 of your last 5 games including blowout losses against Kansas City and New Orleans won’t get you to the playoffs.

Carolina 19 (6-4). Detroit 20 (4-6)
This was honestly a pretty back and forth game but in the end the Panthers decide to take the risk and go for it all instead of sending it to OT and playing it safe. The Lions were able to survive and steal what should of been a relatively easy win for Carolina

Indianapolis 38 (5-5). Tennessee 10 (5-5)
So um what happened here? Where did the Titans team that absolutely manhandled the Pats go? Instead they were the ones getting manhandled by Andrew Luck and the Colts. To be fair they were without Mariota in the second half but scoring only 10 is still concerning. Meanwhile Indy has surpassed my expectations as of now. Who would of thought at the beginning of the season that they would actually be in the playoff hunt. Titans you better figure things out if you want to sneak into the playoffs

Dallas 22 (5-5). Atlanta 19 (4-6)
This game was key for both teams trying to fight their way into the playoffs. The game was close for 3 quarters then the Cowboys built and lost a 10 point lead. The difference in this game was a Brett Maher field goal. Atlanta you’re in serious trouble now. There’s no room for error now. Dallas you might actually be able to win the division now. Didn’t think I’d say that this season.

New York Giants 38 (3-7). Tampa Bay 35 (3-7)
The G men clicked on offense. From Eli Manning to Saquon Barkley to OBJ. The Bucs on the other hand had no FitzMagic to save them this time. They might as well just fire up the tank.

Houston 23 (7-3). Washington 21 (6-4)

The Texans continue to find ways to win as they have now won 7 in a row and firmly put themselves in the AFC South drivers seat. This team is getting hot at the right time. Meanwhile Washington you may be actually F*cked. You’re sitting in the drivers seat of the NFC East now but as if you don’t have enough injuries as it is now the football gods decided to give you another punch to your face as Alex Smith goes down for the season and could possibly see his career end. You better pray to the football gods that Colt McCoy can at least salvage your season.

Pittsburgh 20 (7-2-1). Jacksonville 16 (3-7)
Big Ben helped the Steelers come back and knocked the Jaguars out of the playoff race. The Steelers look just fine and shouldn’t be left out of the conversation for the Super Bowl even without Le’Veon. Jacksonville you’ve been a massive disappointment. Do you see now why you need a real quarterback? Shame on you

Denver 23 (4-6). LA Chargers 22 (7-3)
This was another battle that ended up coming down to a last second field goal. The Bolts lost which only hurts them. Denver doesn’t have much to gain from this. Still the Chargers have only lost 3 and should still be a playoff team

Oakland 23 (2-8). Arizona 21 (2-8)
This week’s edition of the tank bowl features two teams racing for the first overall pick. As always someone has to win. Daniel Carlson was the “Hero” for the Cardinals by kicking a last second field goal to help the Raiders win. The Cardinals have won the Tank Bowl and reopened the race for the first overall pick. Who shall claim it?

New Orleans 48 (9-1). Philadelphia 7 (4-6)
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum we have one of the hottest teams right now and they man handled the Eagles as if they were nothing. This game wasn’t even competitive, It was all Saints. Drew Brees continues to make his case for MVP as he torches the rest of the league to shreds. Meanwhile Philadelphia continues their super Bowl hangover. They’re pretty much finished at this point. Better get you couch spot claimed Eagles.

Chicago 25 (7-3). Minnesota 20 (5-4-1)
Da Bears continue to make a statement by beating the Vikings at home. I expect this team to be a dark horse candidate in the NFC. Mitchell Trubisky seems to have found a groove while the defense has been solid behind Khalil Mack. Don’t let the final score fool you The Vikings got dominated by the monsters of the midway.

Kansas City 51 (9-2). LA Rams 54 (10-1)
This week ended with a treat that lived up to the hype and chaos surrounding it. It was an absolute back and forth showdown filled with big plays on both sides. Both these teams have been red hot recently with very similar play styles. Unfortunately despite both coaches being offense masterminds someone had to lose. (Can we just take the Raiders win and give it to the Chiefs?) This loss should not be a reason to panic for KC as they have a high chance of a rematch in February.


This week may have been one of the wildest I’ve seen since I gained interest in football about 4 years ago. Most of the games were decided by 3 points, and unfortunately, my Packers weren’t on the winning end of things. - PackFan2005

Yeah a lot of really close games this week which I like including one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time that my Chiefs unfortunately came up just short - Randomator