Ht's take on Week 3 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 Houston Texans Vs New England Patriots: This was very one sided if I was giving a coach of the year award I would give it toe Belichick right now hands down his doing it all without Tom Brady. It's a very disappointing effort to see the Texans score absolutely nothing all game what will happen next week with that team?

Cleveland Browns Vs Miami Dolphins: A battle of winless teams ultimately needing a win in the most desperate fashion. A very close back and forth contest in which the Browns had the chance to win with a miss field goal at the end resulting in a Dolphins OT TD game over move on.

Oakland Raiders Vs Tennessee Titans: After coming off of a big win in ford field they come back home well once again the losers they played Oakland as hard as they could, but it just wasn't a one dimensional team like it was last week with the Lions in this case Oakland knew what was coming for the most part and were suckered into to any of it.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: This game was literally a must win for the Jags they were there just not enough in the end ultimately ending with a very wacky turnover fest made in heaven on both sides of the offense. You Got Flacco throwing picks, then Bortles throws a pick it's like who wants it more and the answer Baltimore.

Washington Redskins Vs New York Giants: What a great divisional game here not only was it Beckham vs Norman the rematch, but all that hyped really delivered efficiently. Giants had the skins beat for the 1st half until Cousins came up with some really big plays to keep the skins in a winning chance in all desperation mode. It all came down to who was gonna blink and for the Eli Manning that didn't work well and blew in his face as the skins go on the road and get there first win.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Buffalo Bills: Now before this game would ever take place there would be no way in hell I would of said Buffalo would win this game well were a lot of us wrong and utterly shocked at what we just witnessed.After that total dysfunction aftermath against the Jets, the Bills turn it all around on what looked like a good Cardinals team and not beat them, but convincingly. Not quite sold and that however as The Cardinals were favorites in both this week and week 1 and didn't show up like what's the deal with the expectations? Do they not look as good as last year that's the vibe I get with this team is they take a little push to regress just a smidge.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Carolina Panthers: Just wow coming into the game the Carolina protesting nonsense occurred a few days ago trying to stop people from entering may have made this team all shook up and not in the good way which might have help Minnesota that's I could think of, but no really to be serious. I never would of expected this kind of success so far from this team lead by Sam Bradford whom I thought they gave up too much for what in price has paid off which is weird to say, but we may be looking at the NFC Champions if it looked exactly like this. Oh and let's take away the credit for that great defense Zimmer has put up that really shut down Cam Newton and company was very impressive only gave up 10 points to a team that steam rolled it's opponent last week coming in.

Denver Broncos Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Another great game on paper definitely to it's standards and I must say Siemian has gotten better each week I mean not only did he hang in there in Cincinatti, but he beat them well handedly if you go by how he performed no picks of any kind nor fumble things are looking great for the defending champs. Meanwhile for the Bengals they do have weaknesses that even Miami might look at for next week this might not be the Bengals we know of last year.

Detroit Lions Vs Green Bay Packers: All I have to say is such a predictable game as far as picking from the spread in which yea the Lions sucked the first half for the most part (until Marvin Jones kicked in). I mean they tried to come back, but by the time they did make it close enough it was too late and as predicted by most people Green Bay wins Aaron Rodgers returns back to form exactly what I said last week ha! ha! ha!

Los Angeles Rams Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Not only did the Rams finally get the groove going on offense they literally scored 35+ on Tampa Bay similar to last week. What is going on with that back secondary of that team giving up plays for touchdowns with horrible execution with tackles. I mean sure Winston fought as hard as he could the only downside to what could of been maybe a great ending to this game instead was that once it hit the 2 minute warning a lightning strike hit and the game was over disappointing I know.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Seattle Seahawks: Now that the 49ers have come to reality of who they really are let's have that Seahawks offense revamp itself from what they were a year ago with Baldwin and have someone who isn't like Lynch, but will do In Christine Michael in a dominant win at home.

San Diego Chargers Vs Indianapolis Colts: Both very bad teams square in who was gonna make a key mistake and unfortunately for Phillip Rivers and the Chargers the rookie Tight End cost them the game hello 1-2 You could use some help from Bosa if he can go?

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Philadelphia Eagles: You know it's funny for a while people have debated who was gonna be the bust Goff or Wentz so far Wentz looks like the star of a franchise, meanwhile Jared is playing role of standing next to Jeffrey clipboard in L.A. How more longer do you need him next to you for? Anyways he played a great game so did Darren Splores and that defense doing it's part doing the unthinkable shutting down the almighty Steelers offense in a very impressive statement in a magnificent 3-0 start to the season. I mean Big ben did do what he could do, but had no TD's at all in that game, and that DeAngelo Williams running was super ineffective impressive job by there DC Jim Schwartz.

New York Jets Vs Kansas City Chiefs: Now this game was just embarrassing to watch if your a Jets fan I mean is this 2008? If it was Fitzpatrick would of been 1 away from 7 Picks in an all time tie with the likes of Jon Kitna and others for most INT's in a game terrible game by gang green. If your Chiefs defense you were loving every minute of this game for the rest of the season.

Chicago Bears Vs Dallas Cowboys: Could you ask for a more pitiful choice for a Sunday Night like seriously this is your game so predictable. Bears were hurt at pretty much every position Dallas looked good while Chicago could get anything going for the most part well they did here and there, but not enough for a close enough game I expect them to be horrible next week too.

Atlanta Falcons Vs New Orleans Saints: A game I was not going to be disappointed by cause in there history it's been a fun game in shootouts, yet New Orleans stumbled towards the end and could't keep up with Atlanta in a must win situation.