2018 NFL Season Predictions: Week 4

PackFan2005 Well, I was 6-9 with my picks for last week’s games, which isn’t very good. But hey, I predicted the Lions to upset the Patriots, and I was right. So that’s something. Anyway, let’s get to these predictions. Just so you know, I may not be able to do Thursday Night game picks every week due to sometimes writing this post too late. Anyway, let’s get it.

Vikings (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)
If Minnesota fans thought the Buffalo game last week was painful, then they haven’t even begun to process what this game has in store. The Rams are much, much, better than the Bills. Los Angeles is also the better team compared to Minnesota. This game could be the Vikings worst nightmare.
Winner: Rams (28-17)

Texans (0-3) at Colts (1-2)
I’ve picked the Texans the last few weeks, but what I’ve realized over time is that you just can’t count on Houston to win. Their offense is struggling, especially DeShaun Watson, and the defense is inconsistent. The Giants ruthlessly mauled their defense in week 3. Meanwhile, the Colts don’t look like the better team on paper, but have been quite a surprise team the last few weeks. Taking all this into consideration, the Colts will win.
Winner: Colts (31-14)

Bills (1-2) at Packers (1-1-1)
Originally, I would’ve chosen Green Bay by a mile, but Week 3 had Buffalo dismantling one of the NFL’s best teams, and Green Bay losing to Washington 31-17. A second straight road game could affect the Bills, but a road game in Minnesota didn’t affect them at all. But the Packers are still, the more talented team. They’ll win, but just not in blowout form.
Winner: Packers (28-20)

Buccaneers (2-1) at Bears (2-1)
This game is nothing short of fascinating, with both teams on the rise in 2018. But only one can win, and both are in highly competitive divisions. So who will win here? Ryan Fitzmagic is most likely starting here, and he’s a veteran, while Trubisky is just a second year veteran. Fitzy wins in the quarterback category, and overall offense. But there are stark differences between their defenses. Chicago has one of the NFL’s best players on defense, and a good overall defense, while Tampa Bay has one of the league’s worst. Taking all this into account, I have decided the winner.
Winner: Bears (14-13)

Dolphins (3-0) at Patriots (1-2)
Miami has a history of beating the Patriots, and this may be no exception. Somehow, the Dolphins are a more solid team currently, with New England not doing quite as well. But then again, it’s being played at Foxboro, so anything can happen. But I know who I’m giving it to.
Winner: Dolphins (24-21)

Lions (1-2) at Cowboys (1-2)
The Lions are coming off of an upset win over the Patriots, while the Cowboys were on the wrong end of a win. Essentially, both teams have their major struggles. The one they have in common is defense. As wholes, both their defenses have the talent needed to win games. But that talent simply isn’t being utilized. Currently, both teams have weaker offenses, so defense will be key here. In fact, that’s what could decide the game.
Winner: Lions (33-21)

Bengals (2-1) at Falcons (1-2)
Both teams are fresh off losses, and both are in the running for the postseason. This game will be key for both teams. If Atlanta losses, that could be a major blow to their playoff hopes. Cincinnati looks like a team that could upset them. But then again, the sudden explosion of the Falcons offense could catch them off guard. Matt Ryan picked apart the Saints last week, but can he do the same here? Fascinating matchup indeed.
Winner: Falcons (25-19)

Jets (1-2) at Jaguars (2-1)
There isn’t too much debate as to who will win this, but then again, Jacksonville lost to an injury ridden Titans team. Without Leonard Fournette, Blake Bortles can’t run the offense. Their defense can’t do everything for them. Speaking of their defense, I suspect they’ll demolish the rookie Sam Darnold and log at least two picks and three forced fumbles. With a defense like that, it’s very much possible.
Winner: Jaguars (30-10)

Eagles (2-1) at Titans (2-1)
Let’s take the fact that the Titans upsetted the Jaguars last week into account. The Titans have so far proven to be a very unpredictable team, even with many of their starters injured. However, this is a tough Eagles team, and Carson Wentz just shook off his rust last week. Tennessee’s defense isn’t too bad, and may be able to handle Wentz like they did the last few weeks. I suspect a close game like both these teams had in Week 3.
Winner: Eagles (21-18)

Browns (1-1-1) at Raiders (0-3)
This may be the oddest thing I’ve ever said. The Browns are better than the Raiders currently. Don’t believe me? Compare these two teams. Cleveland is better at nearly every position, not to mention they have actually won a game. Oakland has been a mess since mid-2017, and I fully expect the Browns to take advantage of this. They’ll have two wins for the first time since 2015, in which they went 3-13.
Winner: Browns (24-18)

Seahawks (1-2) at Cardinals (0-3)
This game gives hope for the nearly hopeless Seahawks to stay afloat in the NFC. Arizona is a terrible team, and Seattle has a lot more talent, which is really saying something. We could get to see Russell Wilson finally flourishing against a sub-par defense. Meanwhile, there’s not much hope for the Cardinals here, unless Sam Bradford injures himself like always and Josh Rosen rallies them to a win, like Baker Mayfield did with the Browns in week 3.
Winner: Seahawks (32-14)

Saints (2-1) at Giants (1-2)
Don’t get me wrong, the Saints have an amazing offense, but it’s the defense that concerns me greatly. They’re a shell of their 2017 selves. And New York’s offense is a force to be reckoned with. An experienced but old quarterback with elite receivers and a young and explosive running back. We saw this exact situation with New Orleans losing to Tampa Bay in week 1, minus the Buccaneers having a young and explosive running back. That could end up being New Orleans’ downfall. Then again, their defense was terrible against the Falcons, but they still won the game with the power of Drew Brees. With an offense like that, anything can happen.
Winner: Saints (30-27)

49ers (1-2) at Chargers (1-2)
Under normal circumstances, I would’ve given San Francisco a chance, but without Jimmy Garoppolo against a fierce Chargers team, then it’s all over. Best to start vying for another top ten pick for 2019.
Winner: Chargers (43-10)

Ravens (2-1) at Steelers (1-1-1)
Interesting Sunday Night game, that has huge implications for the AFC North race. Somehow, all four teams in the division have a chance to win it, but Baltimore and Cincinnati have early leads in it. If the Ravens lose this, Pittsburgh moves ahead of them. They can’t have that happen, so it’s up to the always consistent defense to put a stop to Big Ben and the Steelers offense. But can the offense impress?
Winner: Steelers (16-15)

Chiefs (3-0) at Broncos (2-1)
At home in Mile High, Denver may have a chance to tie themselves with Kansas City in the division. But, they don’t have the greatest offense, which is perfect for KC’s lower than average defense. The real matchup here will be Patrick Mahomes and the offense versus Von Miller and the defense. Who will win this duel. Mahomes has proven himself to be explosive against even good defenses, so don’t be surprised if he embarrasses the Broncos’ unit.
Winner: Chiefs (38-24)