Ht's Takeaways on Week 5 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 (Apologies for the late post)

Arizona Cardinals Vs San Francisco 49ers: This was a must win for the Arizona losing to St Louis was quite the suprise not only that they lose to a bradyless Patriots team. Hey they got it done with Drew Stanton, with a lot of help from David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald of course.

Tennessee Titans Vs Miami Dolphins: A battle of who had a slightly better coached team and there it was Titans that showed up to play while Ryan Tannehill had almost nothing going the whole game.

New York Jets Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: A very predictable game and also that the most surprising thing about this game is although Fitzpatrick lost he threw no interceptions, that teams secondary is a big concern kinda like another team i'll get to eventually.

Chicago Bears Vs Indianapolis Colts: Quite the close game between two awful teams Colts found a way in the end to sneak a victory away from da Bears thanks to T.Y Hilton.

Houston Texans Vs Minnesota Vikings: Another predictable game Minnesota looking dominant as ever not turning the ball over we may'be seeing the purple people eaters revived and rebooted.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Detroit Skin excuse me Lions: This game really has my blood boiling, it's one of those game you figure that that team would lose, but no this team wanted to upset the Eagles great just great (sarcasm) now Caldwell sticking around a little longer after that win so close!

Washington Redskins Vs Baltimore Ravens: A close back and forth game that well there was one play were I thought the Ravens should of had the touchdown, but they ruled it as if he didn't cross the plane I disagree, but awful way to lose that game especially at home twice only this time to be screwed by the refs.

New England Patriots Vs Cleveland Browns: Welcome Back Mr. Deflategate Tom Brady, I know it's just the Browns and all, but way to own them the way you did easily.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Denver Broncos: I am very overwhelmed that Atlanta's offense score as much as they did to best Denver and there strength is at defense simply stunning.

San Diego Chargers Vs Oakland Raiders: Most notable thing to remember about this game is that yes the Chargers found a way to lose again and that Joey Bosa made his debut in this game recording his first sack.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Dallas Cowboys: After watching this game I realized we may'be seeing a very different Bengals that wasn't what it was 5 or 6 years ago missing some people on that team may have done the trick not only that you Elliott run up the gut and his gone that defense may need to adjust.

Buffalo Bills Vs Los Angeles Rams: Battle of two I guess under the radar teams, not necessarily great teams, but about what they are average. Bills were the better team and that's what it was moving on.

New York Giants Vs Green Bay Packers: I was hoping for a OBJ meltdown, but didn't quite happen anyways there offense was mostly nonexistent exclude OBJ everybody had very little while Green Bay came out on top of a bye week back.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers: This game was so brutal and sad, coming into this game I had low expectations this would be good and to my surprise it was low scoring, but not in the most pleasant way. I mean it was Winston vs Derek Anderson that doesn't sound and oh what do you know aren't we right Winston has a good game while Derek throws 2 picks this is gonna be a rough season for Carolina not just at QB, but also at CB on both sides.