2018 NFL Season Predictions: Week 5

PackFan2005 I was 8-7 with my picks last week. Throughout the first quarter of the season combined, I was 30-31 with my picks. I hope to finish the season with a winning record. Anyway, let’s get right to these picks.

Colts (1-3) at Patriots (2-2)
The rivalry continues between the two teams, but the Patriots have dominated it for years. Indianapolis hasn’t been the same against them since Peyton Manning left. Given that New England dominated Miami, they have a good chance to win. But the Colts won’t go down easy, as evidenced by their week 4 overtime loss to the Texans. This will be a close game.
Winner: Patriots (25-23)

Broncos (2-2) at Jets (1-3)
Given how terrible the Jets are right now, Denver has the edge here. Their offense may have their second straight week of life against a low tier Jets defense, who gave Blake Bortles of all quarterbacks the game of his career. And Denver’s experienced defense means trouble for the Sam Darnold show.
Winner: Broncos (31-19)

Packers (2-1-1) at Lions (1-3)
Detroit needs to win this, or they’re season will be nearly lost. They have quite a passing game, but Green Bay’s pass defense has improved drastically over the last few weeks. However, Green Bay’s offense didn’t click last week, not taking the opportunities the defense gave them. The Lions defense isn’t much of a challenge though, so maybe they’ll prevail there.
Winner: Packers (31-17)

Giants (1-3) at Panthers (2-1)
I just don’t see New York winning against a good Carolina team fresh off of a bye week. Also, they’re playing a road game. They’re on unstable ground on both sides of the ball, and I fully expect the fresh Panthers to take advantage of this struggling team.
Winner: Panthers (38-21)

Titans (3-1) at Bills (1-3)
Tennessee is quite the team this season, winning their last three games against formidable teams, like the Jaguars and Eagles. The injuries don’t look to be affecting them too much. Buffalo however, is a different story. They’re coming off of a shutout loss where injuries sidelined many of their key players. They don’t look good much of anywhere on their roster, meaning a free win for the rising Titans.
Winner: Titans (30-10)

Falcons (1-3) at Steelers (1-2-1)
These two were expected to make a super bowl push, yet none have looked like they’re fit for even the playoffs. Both of their defenses are giving up games, the Falcons more than the Steelers. However, Atlanta has the more explosive offense, and Pittsburgh’s struggling defense will have a tough time containing the likes of Matt Ryan and star rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley.
Winner: Falcons (24-15)

Ravens (3-1) at Browns (1-2-1)
This game may be more difficult than once thought for Baltimore. Cleveland is coming off of a high scoring, close loss to the Raiders. However, Baker Mayfield struggled quite a bit, and this Ravens defense is ravenous. Despite Cleveland’s success over the last few weeks, I don’t see them winning this one.
Winner: Ravens (20-18)

Dolphins (3-1) at Bengals (3-1)
Coming off of a tough loss to the Patriots, Miami isn’t looking so hot. Plus, Cincy is coming off of a close but great win over the Falcons. The Bengals are like their 2015 selves again. And the Dolphins look like their 2016 selves. In the end, I know who wins this.
Winner: Bengals (34-24)

Jaguars (3-1) at Chiefs (4-0)
If there’s anywhere this Chiefs offense can be stopped, it’s against Sacksonville. Additionally, if there’s anywhere the Jaguars offense can break out like last week, it’s against Kansas City. Both teams are like each other, with both their strengths on different sides of the ball. They both will just have to exploit the other’s weaknesses in order to win this.
Winner: Jaguars (21-20)

Raiders (1-3) at Chargers (2-2)
Oakland did have a good game last week, but it was against the Browns of all teams. The Chargers are a different matter, and are better at nearly every position. This is Los Angeles’ best bet at getting ahead in the surprisingly competitive AFC.
Winner: Chargers (24-7)

Vikings (1-2-1) at Eagles (2-2)
These two of all teams are fighting to stay afloat in the NFC, so this game will be key for the both of them. Given, both have struggled in recent weeks, but Minnesota has still looked slightly better. They’re also out for revenge against Philly for ruining their Super Bowl chances. But in the end, it’s the home team that still gets the last laugh.
Winner: Eagles (34-30)

Rams (4-0) at Seahawks (2-2)
This may actually challenge the Rams a little bit. Seattle is a hard place to play, but Los Angeles is still the NFL’s best team. And Seattle’s defense took a blow when Earl Thomas broke his leg, giving more leverage to the unstoppable Rams offense. I’ll bet we all know who’s winning here.
Winner: Rams (42-17)

Cardinals (0-4) at 49ers (1-3)
Arizona has a legitimate chance to win here, especially with what they did against Seattle last week. Josh Rosen provides a small spark for a dormant team, and maybe he can pull it off against San Francisco. Still, the 49ers actually kept pace with the Chargers last week, so this will provide a challenge for the Cardinals’ defense. It’ll surely be a close game.
Winner: 49ers (14-7)

Cowboys (2-2) at Texans (1-3)
Both teams won respectively last week, but they were close games. This one will be no exception.
Winner: Cowboys (22-18)

Redskins (2-1) at Saints (3-1)
Finally, we have the rested up Redskins taking on the Saints on Monday Night Football. Interesting matchup considering both teams actually look good. However, perhaps Washington will give yet another performance like the one of the Colts in week 2. And with an explosive offense in New Orleans, it’ll really test Washington’s defense.
Winner: Saints (30-14)