NFL Week 5 Analysis

Randomator By week 5 the football season begins to take shape and teams find their identity. This week was a weird week so let’s sit back relax and look at what happened in the NFL world this week

New England 38. (3-2). Indianapolis 24 (1-4)
The Pats were able to get back on track after a rocky start to the season by going against a depleted Colts team. Brady reached 500 TD passes and had hardly any issues with Indy. The Colts did attempt to make a comeback but it was too little too late. The Pats have an important stretch coming up with KC,Chicago Buffalo and Green Bay on the schedule meanwhile Indy gets a little break with the Raiders Jets and Bills coming up.

Detroit 31 (2-3). Green Bay 23 (2-2-1)
This game was really just Green Bay having missed opportunities and Detroit took advantage. Really what hurt the Pack more than anything was Mason Crosby. Let’s just say that it was not his day. 4 missed Field goals and an extra point? Yikes that’s rough. Rodgers also lost 2 fumbles that didn’t help them either. Meanwhile Detroit got a win they desperately needed to save their season and keep their slim playoff hopes alive for now.

Kansas City 30 (5-0) Jacksonville 14 (3-2)
In a game we all thought would be a tough battle it was the Patrick Mahomes Show all the way. Meanwhile Blake Bortles and the Jags offense struggled with Bortles having 4 interceptions alone. And you have to credit the Chiefs defense they made some good plays to assist Mr Mahomes lead a deadly offense. The only question I have is What’s it gonna be this year Chiefs? How are you gonna break hearts this year?

Tennessee 12 (3-2). Buffalo 13 (2-3)
Honestly I’m surprised. What should have been a Titans Win was instead an ugly slugfest. As a result Buffalo you somehow are 2-3 while Tennessee you took an L to put you in a tie with Jacksonville that could be a costly loss come week 17

Atlanta 17 (1-4). Pittsburgh 41 (2-2-1)
Here we have a battle of 2 frustrated teams. The Steelers had arguably their best game of the season offensively thanks to Big Ben, Antonio Brown and James Connor. The defense also played solidly sacking Matt Ryan 6 times. Falcons I hate to say it but your season might be over soon if you keep this up. Already 4 losses when 10-6 is the worst you can do and still have a shot at the playoffs. Not looking good

Denver 16 (2-3). New York Jets 34 (2-3)
After getting embarrassed by Patrick Mahomes the Broncos lose what was a very winnable game. Isaiah Crowell ran all over the Broncos Defense and Darnold had a decent performance as well. Denver you gotta win these type of games if you want to make it in the playoffs

Baltimore 9 (3-2). Cleveland 12 (2-2-1) OT
🎉 Congratulations Cleveland you did it again!🎉
Yes the Browns won another game. It was far from pretty but they got the job done. Honestly I like the direction this team is going. Everyone criticized them for taking Baker #1 overall but he’s showing that he’s the perfect leader to lead the Browns back to respectability. I mean if it wasn’t for a controversial call in Oakland and a few missed field goals they could be undefeated. Meanwhile Baltimore that was an ugly game. Gonna have to step up if you want to win the division.

Carolina 33 (3-1). New York Giants 31 (1-4)
The Panthers barely survived a game that shouldn’t have been that close. The Giants offense looked better but it wasn’t enough as Graham Gano hit a 63 yard Field goal to save Carolina

Miami 17 (3-2). Cincinnati 27 (4-1)
The hot start continues for the AFC North leading Bengals. After Miami cruised to a 17 point lead Cincy was able to Rally and get another win. This right here was an example of pretender vs contender. Cincy looks legitimate and could win the division while Miami has hit a brick wall. Ryan Tannehill struggled which helped Cincy come back

LA Chargers 26 (3-2). Oakland 10 (1-4)
Oakland’s struggle continues as the Bolts Defense had 3 sacks and 2 forced turnovers. And Phillip Rivers had a solid performance to carry LA. Honestly Jon just go back to the broadcast booth. You’ve clearly lost your touch as an NFL coach.

Arizona 28 (1-4). San Francisco 18 (1-4)
Well Cardinals this time you’ve done it.. You have won a game. Josh Rosen looked okay and your defense wasn’t bad either. But here’s the problem. Now you’ve got the tank off course. You’re opening up the race for the #1 overall pick to a team like Indy or Buffalo or San Fran.

Minnesota 23 (2-2-1). Philadelphia 21 (2-3)
The Vikings take care of business in the NFC championship rematch. They were solid on both sides of the ball and looked better overall. Meanwhile Philadelphia continues to struggle.So Until proven otherwise I’m officially diagnosing Philly with a case of Super Bowl hangover.

LA Rams 33 (5-0). Seattle 31 (2-3)
It wasn’t pretty but the Rams continue to stay perfect. Todd Gurley was really the key factor for LA with 3 Touchdowns. Russell Wilson had a solid performance to scare the Rams but alas it was not enough

Dallas 16 (2-3) Houston 19 (2-3) OT
The Battle of Texas goes to Houston. And fitting enough it was a very Texas- style shootout. Very back and forth. Both sides struggled and had opportunities to win. In the end it was the Texans who survived at home

New Orleans 43 (4-1). Washington 19 (2-2)
The Saints dominated the Redskins on both sides of the ball. However the real story of the game was Drew Brees who passed Peyton Manning to become the all time leader in passing yards. Washington struggled with everything while New Orleans looks good. Right now I’d probably say they could make the NFC Championship so It will be interesting to see if they can do it.


Oakland is in the running for the 1st pick as well they look very bad around Arizona territory. - htoutlaws2012

Yeah Arizona might have messed themselves up by winning. I know it’s still early but instead of the Cardinals being the frontrunner in the race for the #1 pick they’re now caught up in in a log jam with the other 1-4 teams like Oakland, San Fran, Indy, New York, and even Buffalo and Atlanta - Randomator

Safe to say that the season is over for all the 1-4 teams, including the Falcons. - PackFan2005

Yeah the 1-4 teams might as well just try going for the #1 pick at this point. Atlanta is really the only one that could still have some life left but even then they have a small chance with almost no room for error - Randomator

The way its for them not with that beat up defense. They'll get some wins down the road, but it won't be enough to make the playoffs. - htoutlaws2012