Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Games in Week 6 of the 2016 Regular NFL Season

The Top Ten
The Browns Surrender a total of 500 yards in humiliating defeat to the Titans

This better happen.

Cam Newton Returns strong with a total of 7 touchdowns against Saints
Todd Gurley and Chris Ivory finally get 100 yard games in there Respective games
Steelers Puts up a 50 On the Dolphins
LeSean McCoy Runs for 250+ yards and 4 Td's against the 49ers
Dak Prescott will throw his first interception against the Packers
Matt Ryan has less than 150 yards and a single Touchdown against the Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles find another way to lose in a close game with another turnover related play against Washington Redskins
Larry Fitzgerald lights up the Jets secondary with 150 yards and 3 Touchdowns
Ravens vs Giants will come down to a close, ultimately ends in who turns the ball over in the end
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