Ht's Takeaways on Week 7 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers: Is there really anything to say? Well the only notable part is Hoyer got injured and Da bears played like da bears the rest of the game as Packers steam roll da Bears.

New York Giants Vs Los Angeles Rams: Very good game between two average teams, in the end Giants had the better team and there defense came up big with Landon Collins really shining here as a future leader on that defense.

Cleveland Browns Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Battle of Ohio, Bengals win what a surprise (not).

Washington Redskins Vs Detroit Lions: The 1st half was boring, 2nd half picked up and unfortunately captain could not win this game cause his defense blew it in the end.

Oakland Raiders Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Raise your hand if Gus Bradley should be fired now? Majority ruled!

New Orleans Saints Vs Kansas City Chiefs: good exciting game Saints just could not get back to the line in time because the receiver could not go out of bounds therefore in a tough loss of well let's try again.

Buffalo Bills Vs Miami Dolphins: Things might have taken a halt as far as 2nd to 4th in the AFC East, don't count out the Jets yet there might turn it around after this helping win from the Dolphins. Ajayi once again carried the team in victory over what everyone thought was a tough Bills team that put little effort on offense the whole game.

Baltimore Ravens Vs New York Jets: What a relief that Geno Smith was taken out of this game otherwise the Jets season would of been over as Matt Forte saves the season in this win against an up side down Baltimore team.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Philadelphia Eagles: Impressive by the Eagles the way they handled the Vikings in that game. Battle between two greats defenses in the end Eagles made the plays and came out on top in dominant fashion as they break there brief losing streak.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Tennessee Titans:A game the Titans needed to win to tie the Texans ends up being a heart breaker as Luck rallies the troops in a clutch game winning touchdown in Tennessee.

San Diego Chargers Vs Atlanta Falcons: Everything started out well for the Falcons, but all of a sudden Phillip Rivers finds a way to stay in the game enough for him to get down the field and score the upset of the week again.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs San Francisco 49ers: I mean besides the Browns who is the possibly worth team in the NFC hands down. Bucs win easy while the niners once more are forever terrible until getting built better than they once were 3 years ago.

New England Patriots Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: No brainier No big ben Patriots win easy, but early on the Steelers did try to give New England an uneasy escape, however Belichick and his team proved who was better clearly.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Arizona Cardinals: Biggest waste of time I was waiting and waiting until a team would score a touchdown neither team did that. Not only that both kickers miss in the end.

Houston Texans Vs Denver Broncos: Now this is much better than that boring Sunday night game I had to sit through for no explained reason, anyways at least it had a touchdown great job not stinking it up until the very end out!