Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 11 recap

Tennessee Titans Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Thursday night kicked off with a very interested matchup in two teams that could play down the road, but for now Steelers look like the toughest AFC team to beat unless you are a bad team of course.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New York Giants: I can't believe the Chiefs man what happened seriously how does Andy Reid coming off the bye lose to A giants team without a lot of their top guys? Worst of all not only did the G-man they might have screwed by having a top 5 pick thanks to that win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Miami Dolphins: In battle that was probably going to take place is now moved 10 weeks later. The story once for Miami is that Jay Cutler is the bum of a last place offensive scoring team, and once Matt Moore comes in to not make the loss look abysmal.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Minnesota Vikings: In what looked to be the must see match becomes a dominant performance by that top 10 Vikings defense that's ready to get revenge against Detroit on Thanksgiving.

Washington Redskins vs New Orleans Saints: Wow was this game got a lot of close calls, it looked as if Washington was gonna snap the Saints impressive winning streak, but Alvin Kamara said mo not today Redskins.

Detroit Lions Vs Chicago Bears: In a must win for Detroit looked to be a nearly upset as da Bears were not gonna let the Lions leave with the win easily, however Chicago must miss Robbie Gould now after seeing Barth not nail a 46 yard tie that could an interesting overtime, but that was not to be.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Cleveland Browns: I'm watching like there's no freaking way the Browns are beating an improved Jags, and yet that defense played tough until the end once they finally had enough of Leonard Fournette to ice them up for the defense to do its part.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Green Bay Packers: Remember the Matt Flynn days when Green Bay had a quality backup well Hundley just could do anything on Baltimore. 11 years ago they were shut out now it happened again.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Houston Texans: In a battle where two are most likely not making any contention make something outta this game. Tom Savage was able to out sling Blaine Gabbert for the win.

Buffalo Bills Vs Los Angeles Chargers: Oh man was this a new classic football follies edition as Nathan Peterman made history, and not in a good way by throwing 5 interceptions in the first. If he was still in, I bet he would beat even far worse records.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Denver Broncos: Surprisingly good game between bad teams most not going to be in contention turned out to be a game with frustration.

New England Patriots Vs Oakland Raiders: I can't say I'm not shocked, but man did the Raiders have a can of whoop ''ass'' I've seen them dished out in a while in Mexico city no less. Oh and Marshawn Lynch trolling us by standing for the Mexico flag priceless just priceless.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Dallas Cowboys: In what looked to be a competitive must win for both teams, Eagles look great finishing, meanwhile Dallas on its way to the infamous 8-8 record at this rate.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Seattle Seahawks: What a way to end week 11 with a game with a lot of high stakes, and pretty bad bone headed decisions by Pete Carroll. Atlanta made the plays, but Blair Walsh missed the big 50 yard field goal that could had them at overtime similar to the Lions Bears outcome. Looks like embrace the suck Matt Ryan, has a chance to turn it around all of a sudden.

Hopefully week 12 can follow up greatly as thanksgiving comes ahead in a few days more high stakes to come, and who could rise, and who falters.