Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 13 recap

htoutlaws2012 Washington Redskins Vs Dallas Cowboys: With both teams facing a one loss elimination, not sure how many people would of had Cowboys to not only prevail, but sweep the Redskins who honestly had some big upset wins to have come to this realize once again fail to make the playoffs. I get that injuries destroyed the Redskins, but Dak the last 2 weeks has been bad, and yet without zeke Elliott. They found a way to crack a Washington loss one that will sting till next year.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New York Jets: Well never would of guess this would be the game with the two offensive performances of Alex Smith ans Josh McCown really giving the people in jersey a game, and probably a win that was well earned by the Jets.

New England Patriots Vs Buffalo Bills:
In a game that was very predictable, The Pats beat Buffalo almost handedly like. Brady may want to just forget his rarely not great, but sub-par. Real storyline here is Gronkowski pulling a un scripted like maneuver on Tre'davious White who got an interception which for some reason angered gronk. Nevertheless a very typical Patriots victory, and buffalo really look like there in a very bad situation not only trade wise, but quarterback wise.

Denver Broncos Vs Miami Dolphins: In a very so so game Miami comes out slugging the ball all over the almost lifeless Broncos Offense, and defense.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Chicago Bears: Garapollo first game was one he at least can say went alright. Goodwin made big plays, and once again da bears are back to square one goodbye John Fox and company.

Detroit Lions Vs Baltimore Ravens: In a game where two teams outside of the playoffs really needed it most, Baltimore simply looked good on both sides. Once again Matthew Stafford finds himself in a ton of pain. Last week it was the Right ankle now its his Good throwing hand that was fried which to Ravens being the first team to dominate the Lions this season.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Atlanta Falcons: One the big mark key matchups, both teams had high stakes stay in the playoffs, or be the #1 seed of the NFC, that proved Minnesota looking strong with a statement win on the road.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Green Bay Packers:
Jameis Winston returned to the Bucs in the lineup and nearly on the verge of beating the Packers on many different occasions if it wasn't for two costly fumbles. Green bay somehow someway was able to hold off the Bucs for the win thanks huge part to the running game.

Houston Texans Vs Tennessee Titans: In the continuing battle for the AFC South, Titans need as much more wins than Jacksonville does at this point in time. Tennessee was nearly on upset alert they needed to stop Tom Savage somehow, and they did just that.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: The other AFC game in which was almost a runaway for the Jaguars making short work of what was the disaster last week.

Cleveland Browns Vs Los Angeles Chargers:
Very predictable as always Chargers justify their claim for the three way tie for the AFC West.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Arizona Cardinals: In a game where Arizona is without Adrian Peterson there desperate win to stay alive just imploded back into reality.

New York Giants Vs Oakland Raiders: Tanking Giants surely just got a lock for the #2 overall pick assuming they finally move on from Eli Manning to be honest I'm withe the rest in saying he should of finished the year.

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints: Another great between that might see each other again for a third time. Saints have had Carolina's number and it has shown in a impressive sweep.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Seattle Seahawks: I really thought this should of been better, but I hate it when have to shove biased officiating, and the Eagles were another victim of that when they ruled Wentz down for fumble which is observed.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Cincinnati Bengals:
In a very pivotal game for the Bengals this was there chance to maybe pull a 180 i what was another disaster strikes again for Marvin Lewis its bad when your team is the worst second half scoring team in football most likely the other team is due to beat you. Knowing the Steelers this year you don't simply say its over until its over.