Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 14 recap

htoutlaws2012 New Orleans Saints Vs Atlanta Falcons: This is one of the strangest games of the season the Saints were ruling most of the game, and Matt Ryan looked god awful his 2nd game that I could recall where he threw 3 picks, and somehow still won. Saints may have suffered a big loss in the running game in Alvin Kamara who has been a superstar the last few weeks now pumped the breaks giving Atlanta breathing room for Deion Jones to come in for the clutch interception a rare pick by Drew Brees.

Oakland Raiders Vs Kansas City Chiefs: Somebody had to win the game and while Oakland is not totally out they looked like a team that doesn't deserve to contend after this game call is quits because its getting to the stretch between the Chiefs and the Chargers.

Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: Eli is back, but can he pull off a Giant upset? The answer was no, Dak had an almost flawless game controlling the ball well in the 2nd half just making sure Giants were done as they already were.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Houston Texans: Hey how about the promise in Jimmy Garoppolo guys? He kinda made that offense look a lot better from looking incredibly putrid to somewhat decent enough to beat the last two teams the way they have.

Detroit Lions Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ugh... I was literally rooting for Winston to put the final nail in the Jim Caldwell era, and he turns the football over, and yet the Buccaneers defense didn't go away quietly as the Lions come out with a weak field goal victory.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Buffalo Bills: I love climate weather games, and here it was not a high scoring game, but the stars of this game where Gore, and McCoy were a force on that snow that even Vinatieri could not save the team with his kicks ineffective.

Green Bay Packers Vs Cleveland Browns: Man the Browns were so close to actually getting to their first win, but knowing this football team manage to falter once more, and to a Brett Hundley Packers team you had a great chance of beating on paper. Devante Adams made sure that was not gonna happen.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Carolina Panthers: This was I silently good game with a stunning finish where Cam Newton got a huge run down 70 yards to set them up for the game winning touchdown to beat the Vikings who were red hot coming into this game. This loss does not seem to hurt em though as they still got plenty of momentum for the #1 seed now that a certain team just lost there big player that could change the landscape of the NFC conference.

Chicago Bears Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Man do the Bengals awful I think its time to let Marvin Lewis go oh my god was this pitiful, and they lost some key players int his game and that shows since Jordan Howard owned the football all over Cincinnati in their home turf.

Washington Redskins Vs Los Angeles Chargers: I am loving this Chargers team right now they look like world beaters while their record does not exactly make you believe that just look at all the teams they beaten in high scoring fashion, and that defense has been underrated this year. Meanwhile Washington is in a really strange spot to be in since Cousins has gotten cold the last two weeks and now we start to ponder the skins next move as their season had already been over.

New York Jets Vs Denver Broncos: Ugly football by the Jets, and it got worse went Robbie Anderson and Josh McCown got hurt it really made the game one sided to the point the Jets are back to reality.

Tennessee Titans Vs Arizona Cardinals: What did I tell you Arizona was gonna somehow find a way to beat the Titans like they did weeks ago against the Jags. Arizona season is already done, but you know what this is the type of team that would destroy playoff hopes for others.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Los Angeles Rams: This game lived up to the hype high scoring affair, and well Philly managed to stop the Rams's offense, but they may have made the playoffs at this moment, but man it sucks to know Carson Wentz is done for the year. Wentz was on his way to being the MVP of the season, and now its looking real wide open now. This injury really opens for other teams in the conference.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Another sneaky good game where it was quiet possibly Jacksonville's biggest victory next to besting the Steelers. The Jags offense did suprise me to an extent I mean Bortles made plays where actually did a good enough for his team to get the W, however knowing Seattle are always bitter when they lose these type of games.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: A big game for both squads it came right down to the wire in which Big ben was way too overwhelming for this Ravens's defense to even stop in his path of destruction. Leading to a heart felt win dedicated to Ryan Shazier get better.

New England Patriots Vs Miami Dolphins: Our final game came as a shocker as Miami was able to outscore the Patriots, and also capitalize on the gronk suspension. As the Dolphins's defense did a good number on Brady to really make the GOAT to make some very bad plays in favor of Miami.