Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 15 recap

htoutlaws2012 Denver Broncos Vs Indianapolis Colts: Starting off with a terrible way to kick off the week with two teams that are way out of the playoffs. Colts are clearly one of the five worst teams coming into the season, and even with Luck out for the year this team lacks depth all around they could be bad for years to come. Anderson runs all over a team that struggles to stop the run leads to another humiliating loss.

Chicago Bears Vs Detroit Lions: A game the Lions desperately needs comes to expectations, owning Chicago for most of the game. Trubisky despite throwing 300 yards he looked terrible in doing so. With two games left all Detroit can count on is Atlanta to fall one game.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs: In a big game for both teams The Chiefs have found their groove again, and in doing so overwhelmed the Chargers offense in shocking ways you would not expect.Rivers having an ugly game, and Keenan Allen out Chargers gotta prey for a miracle now.

New York Jets Vs New Orleans Saints: Man was there a lot of awful blown touchdowns overturned this week, and Michael Thomas had the chance to have a best game, but the refs are blind as a bat and rejected two of the ones he had in the end-zone.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs New York Giants: Wow was this a very interesting game between two foes who in past years have put on a show. The most points I have seen the Giants put on all season with 29, and Eagles did it again even with Foles and scored over 30 points maybe this team can still do it.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Washington Redskins: In a game where nothing mattered Washington simply prevailed by scoring 6's while the Cardinals literally had no touchdowns but in stead hanging in on the kicking game, but too much for a banged up Redskins team playing for pride at this point.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Minnesota Vikings: It was confirmed early on Sunday that Marvin Lewis finally hangs it up as the Bengals head coach, and that is for the very best my god the Bengals looked god awful against Minnesota.

Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo Bills: Miami has a little bit of life left, but was it in vain nope Cutler once again shows you he flat out sucks. Meanwhile LeSean McCoy is bursting out owning the touched for the six twice.

Green Bay Packers Vs Carolina Panthers: Ladies and gentleman the Carolina Panthers are back in business. Cam Newton is playing out of his mind the last two weeks beating the Vikings, beating the Packers the way they did Carolina is a dark horse to go to the super bowl. Aaron Rodgers gave it his all, but like I said you are not running the table.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Cleveland Browns: So predictable Cleveland being Cleveland laying an egg as Kizer just could not figure out that Baltimore defense.

Houston Texans Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: How ready are the Jacksonville Jaguars? Blake Bortles has been very interesting in his playing ability finding a big weapons in Keelan Cole really taking that Allen Robinson role and making it as decent run.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Seattle Seahawks: Oh man that was a beatdown you will never see again in Seattle, Seahawks got outmatched, and outplayed in every direction. Well done by the surprise emerging Rams team nobody expected to win this NFC West division. If you want my opinion Seattle might just be done with zeke elliott coming back next week.

New England Patriots Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: This earned all the hype, early on Pittsburgh takes a big blow as Antonio Brown is out for the game, and will not play the next two games and rest for recovery. The game literally was on thin ice as Big ben got the ball to Juju throwing underneath as he turned it into a huge gain, and next thing you know he goes to Jessie James for the touchdown or not apparently.... ugh! This is ridiculous this rule should be banned why does this have to ruin great games?

Tennessee Titans Vs San Francisco 49ers: We may be seeing the legend of Jimmy Garpollo as the future of the 49ers. Seriously since he started for the injured Beathard they have won every game as he took over. Beat the bears by a field goal, handled Texans, and beat a pretending Titans team John Lynch definitely got a much needed steal.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Oakland Raiders: Speaking of controversial ending this one is the worst one out of all of them arguably. Derek Carr is leading the drive, and he lunges for the pylon, and it gets overturned. Football logic indicates if you hit the pylon 95% f the time that is a touchdown what stubborn bias referee decided to do that absurd calling?

Atlanta Falcons Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A must win from here on out for the Falcons who probably have to win next week at least got a close one against the Bucs and next week if they can sweep the Saints then the NFC will be all set in terms of the playoffs Atlanta has the tiebreaker advantage over the Lions..