Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Week 16 of the 2017 Regular NFL Season

The Top Ten

1 Bengals upset the lions

Lions for now have beaten all the terrible opponents, but in this case going to Cincinnati in their final home game for Marvin Lewis could smell like trap if I ever seen it. - htoutlaws2012

2 Falcons sweep the Saints

There might be a very interesting cycle to this could happen claim, of course Saints have beaten Carolina twice, Now imagine if Atlanta wins again they would this division way too unpredictable. - htoutlaws2012

3 Ezekiel returns with 150 yards 3 touchdown game against Seattle

For years it's been the defense that has carried Seattle, now the tide has turn to the point here comes zeke Elliott at a very bad time for a desperate Seahawks team got killed against Todd Gurley last week, may suffer the same fate to zeke. - htoutlaws2012

4 Browns get their first win over Bears

Cleveland has got to beat Chicago, don't win here then you are going 0-16. No way would pick them over Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, in Chicago believe it or not the Browns have a chance. - htoutlaws2012

5 Marcus Mariota will turn the ball over 3 or more times against Rams

How have the Titans won 8 games is so strange to me. This is not gonna end pretty for Tennessee I mean you are now dealing with this red hot Rams team who went to 12th man field and own Seattle. Mariota has looked really bad this year, and to no suprise he could be reason they lose there last two, and could bounce from either the Bills or Chargers at this rate in time. - htoutlaws2012

6 Tom Brady has 500 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Bills

I've seen Brady have incredibly phenomenal numbers at home against the Bills, this could great one for the G.O.A.T of the NFL. - htoutlaws2012

7 Greg Olsen grabs himself a 3 touchdown performance over the Buccaneers

Cam Newton is back, Greg Olsen looks like his back, and that seems trouble for most playoff teams, but this week he could really have a huge against a team that struggles Tight Ends as of recently. - htoutlaws2012

8 Tyreek Hill goes for 100 yards and 3 touchdowns

Alex Smith is finding his shine again to find out if he is ready he must absolutely put big numbers to his #1 Reciver the speedy one. - htoutlaws2012

9 Jagaurs defense shuts down Jimmy Garapollo

Garapollo has been on a massive roll a win here would really mean he is the man, but his dealing with greatest shut down defense in the league one to not take lightly. - htoutlaws2012

10 Von Miller has 3 sacks against Washington

In battle two so so teams Von Miller has been very average this season, and not his fault the offense is garbage. He should have a good game, and since lately Cousins has had tough time getting ball down he has got be that man even if your eliminated make it a game for yourself. - htoutlaws2012

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