Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 16 recap

htoutlaws2012 In the most pivotal week for many teams some have a slim chance while others choked away their chance of destiny this was week 16 in the NFL, and Merry Christmas to all!

Indianapolis Colts Vs Baltimore Ravens: In a surprise start Baltimore was treated by a gamed, but valiant Indy team whom has a of nothing make it shy of a potential upset come up short.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Green Bay Packers: I thought this would be a good game, but in the Green bay just doesn't look ready even at home no less.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs New York Jets: Not much to this game since it seemed lost in shuffle. Jets can at least brag by being the best 5 win team who can go toe to toe against and give a run for money that was the case for the Chargers. Yet they managed to survive, now they need some assistance from Jacksonville to make last second push to the playoffs.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Tennessee Titans: In desperation to stay alive the Titans had to give it their all in order for this was get one more win. Todd Gurley has really turned up the gas for the Rams putting up another fantastic performance in anyway he can for his team to escape with a hard fought victory.

Denver Broncos Vs Washington Redskins: In a game that means almost nothing, Cousins left it out there that he indeed can be of high interest for any team for a quality quarterback. Meanwhile just are pathetic as they have been all year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Carolina Panthers: Sometimes it sucks to be Jameis when you played a great game and realize you're defense is just fearful thanks in part to Cam Newton big rally comeback.

Atlanta Falcons Vs New Orleans Saints: This was the mark game of the week, and at this rate Atlanta is on its way to be exiting out of the final in favor of Seattle who mind are banged up in the secondary and... actually I get to them later down.

Buffalo Bills Vs New England Patriots: Tjis was a very a competitive game from two teams who don't like each other, but what nail Bills was the Kelvin Benjamin overturned touchdown killed all their momentum as New England secures a predictable victory.

Detroit Lions Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Noe this ladies and gentleman is the reason to not be comfortable when a widely favored team like my Lions. Its sad I wanna proved, but in the end S.O.L never dies. The worst scoring offense in all of football scores 26 on a team that is top 10 in the passing get outplayed, and terrible game management proves that the Lions are a joke, but in the lines of what the Browns literally have been since coming back in 99.

Cleveland Browns Vs Chicago Bears: Speaking of which Cleveland can't even play in brutal weather apparently either. This loss would mean they will very be the second team in history join the 08' Lions as the only winless teams in history of the NFL to be 0-16.

Miami Dolphins Vs Kansas City Chiefs: A game felt close to nothing was what it was Kareem Hunt is back how he started out the season, and did just enough for the Chiefs to beat a mediocre Miami team led by Jay Cutler.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs San Francisco 49ers: I am very impressed who can stop the rising Jimmy Garapollo not the #1 defense in the league apparently. The future is getting more brighter than gloomy way to John Lynch. We could be seeing the very next Steve Young as we speak.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Dallas Cowboys: Oh man here we go zeke is back, they feed the ball, and use him far more lessly? You gotta kidding me Ezekiel Elliott is their offense this season why would you use him less and not keep going with the strength. Meanwhile Russell Wilson is making enough plays for his team to escape with a stunning victory in Dallas territory unbelievable.

New York Giants Vs Arizona Cardinals: This is a game I had no interest in one bit nice to Fitzgerald put up a unique performance through.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Houston Texans: Holy crap do the Houston Texans suck so badly, Pittsburgh literally had no problems remotely any sort of pressure to panic over next.

Oakland Raiders Vs Philadelphia Eagles: Finally to end this holiday weekend with the team that has the best record in football, and when I heard Carr had a messed up hand it reminded me of Stafford who of course lost his last few games, and as usually the postseason. The only difference here is Raiders are incredibly disappointing in almost every fashion.