Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 17

htoutlaws2012 With the final week left there is hope for some teams left, while others have been secured.

Green Bay Packers Vs Detroit Lions: This pointless game ended in a passing of the torch as Detroit owned Green bay twice, and last time this happened was ironically 91. Stafford played tremendous football, and a farewell to the Jim Caldwell era thank goodness.

Chicago Bears Vs Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota proving how tough they can be with their defensive stand over Chicago in which even with called penalties they manage to dominate once more the Vikings truly look like a 1 seed then do the Eagles who just ugh... If there was favorite it would be the historic Vikings.

Houston Texans Vs Indianapolis Colts: A battle of two terribly coached teams came down to the story of perhaps the final chapters of Frank Gore, and Chuck Pagano came out on top.

Cleveland Browns Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: What was a very good game that was historic for the Browns came to having three chances to win all of them were blown from fumble, interception, to a epic fail Corey Coleman drop. Proves that Cleveland deserves to be winless just for how awful they have been in this decade of football alone.

New York Jets Vs New England Patriots: I expected more of a closer finish between these two, but ultimately the Patriots look ready for the playoffs.

Washington Redskins Vs New York Giants:
A future undecided between a hall of famer, and a promising potential in Kirk Cousins who probably would want to be out of Washington after this game since captain kirk feels kryptonite everytime he plays the Giants. Meanwhile what does this mean for Eli will he retire or reunite with Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Philadelphia Eagles: This game was so unwatchable, I mean could believe how long it took for Dallas to finally score thanks to Butler. Foles really looks bad, and Philly should be in panic mode you scored no points, and surrendered 6 points. You wouldn't want to face New Orleans would you?

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Tennessee Titans: Hey at least I got this one right even that more bold than anything, once again Bortles turning over the ball multiple times is how you lose football games. Thank Cincinnati for giving you a banged up buffalo team because now you don't want to face Tennessee whom has you're number this year.

Buffalo Bills Vs Miami Dolphins: This was a predictably one sided game where Buffalo needed, and got the job done and finally ended their longtime playoff drought which is great to see. Bad news is you lost a big portion of you're offense in shady mcCoy who got carted off which is almost never a good sign.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Baltimore Ravens: If Marvin Lewis got a Christmas then most certainly he got it going out of cincy with a banged taking down the Lions, and the Ravens with him.

Oakland Raiders Vs Los Angeles Chargers: Man did Chargers came in, and go to work from the start on the Raidets not relenting all over the heavily disappointing Raiders who made a bold move in firing Jack del rio for potentially Jon Gruden.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Seattle Seahawks: Well didn't quite except Arizona to waltz in by a 2 point victory in 12th man territory.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Los Angeles Rams: Rams bench their starting players as we see the future for next season get some more great rep against a defense that has improved over the weeks were tested by blue chipper Jimmy Garapollo being undefeated since coming in as the quarterback for the 49ers can you say strong contender maybe?

Carolina Panthers Vs Atlanta Falcons: Game of the week that turned out to be big for Atlanta to show big as they absolutely shut down Cam Newton and handle their business secured there spot in can they find repeat success as a road team from here on out.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Denver Broncos: Pointless game that turned out very interesting towards the end with what could of been a Denver comeback short lived ended by Harrison Butker.

New Orleans Saints Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Our last game was simply stunning considering they played all the regular stars, and Jameis Winston somehow, someway came out ontop to outshine the Saints.