Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 10 recap

Seattle Seahawks Vs Arizona Cardinals: This Thursday night sleeper was one I did not expect to be that competitive as it was even with multiple injuries of both teams, despite Seattle finding a way to prevails, but all the injury aftermath well just wait and see what happens next when they have to face a very complex Falcons team.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Tennessee Titans: In a crucial contest for the Titans to keep rolling, and a team that has been centered around Marvin Lewis the tides in Cincy have finally turned looking to be 2 miserable seasons could this be the end of the Marvin Lewis era?

Minnesota Vikings Vs Washington Redskins: In a must win mode fore both teams, in the end Minnesota was very dominant so fast, and quick to the point Cousins did not have enough to catch the 38 points given up by the defense.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Oh man that was a close call for the Jags what a break with a almost deicing interception by the new acquired A.J Bouye to set up a Josh Lambo game winning kick in a back and forth war.

New York Jets Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: For me this is a little bit shocking, but at the same time this is Ryan Fitzpatrick who has taken for almost every team he has been on what a career in the life of a Harvard Quarterback, anyways his not the reason they upsetted the Jets no it was the defensive stand

New Orleans Saints Vs Buffalo Bills: This was what I thought was the game of week turns into a blood bath for the Bills because they got absolutely nothing going against the Saints, and that massively improved defense that'a the real story behind there success at 7-2. I gotta say though the schedule gets pretty tough afterwards this was a statement made that the Saints are a threat to go to the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers Vs Chicago Bears: Oh man oh man did Chicago gone screwed up now, coming out the bye, and they actually lose to a team I thought was even worse then them find a way to win at Solider Field unbelievable John Fox what are you doing you should be coaching for your job right now those types of losses don't plead your case of anything.

Cleveland Browns Vs Detroit Lions: What looked to be a legitimate scare with Kizer playing well pulls the breaks with a couple of defensive turnovers. Kizer got hurt, here comes Kessler ball game the Lions fended off the god awful Browns what a relief.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Indianapolis Colts: What looked to be the biggest upset would of been the fact Colts were leading in the first half, and the Steelers somehow could not find a way to score any type of points. Luckily as great teams do have much needed half time adjustments as the Steelers can sit comfortably at 1st place with nobody really chasing them.

Houston Texans Vs Los Angeles Rams: As most predicted the Rams went back home and squash the Watsonless, and wattless Texans. Oh what a comeback it could of been down the toilet.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Atlanta Falcons: I expected this game to be close, but not this one sided I mean just wow I thought this was suppose to be the great Dallas wall 2.0, but apparently Tyron Smith got hurt, and it was notable enough that Chaz Green surrendered 6 sacks to Adrian Clayborn unreal.

New York Giants Vs San Francisco 49ers: In a battle of two really atrocious teams 49ers finally got a win that really cost them there chance at going #1 in the draft, and once again the Browns are winless from 9 straight games how miserable must it can that you have a chance to tie the 08 Lions who were the first team to win no games, this team could be right there for there multiple draft mistakes, anyways will John Lynch fellow the Matt Millan era that was of the 2000's?

New England Patriots Vs Denver Broncos: This was a game I knew who was gonna win, and I knew Denver was gonna look bad from the start I mean what happened to this great defense that would usually carry you for the most part, also that offense is incredibly weak to the point you need a lot of help.

Miami Dolphins Vs Carolina Panthers: I sleeped through this game because I was under the whether, and i'm shocked to see how great the Panthers were on Monday night hitting on all cylinders meanwhile the Dolphins are on demise stage which was expected from the start of reality.