Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 3 Recap

htoutlaws2012 What a week in the NFL, it had all kinds of story lines if you will. From upsets to players protesting more less because of Donald Trump's comments. Some teams came to play, while others got caught napping. This was a weak of the excitement, the unpredictable outcome of events all in on single Sunday no less.

Los Angeles Rams Vs San Francisco 49ers: I fought this game would suck just based on last week how low scoring it was, but you know what... this is one of the best Thursday night games ever. I did not expect these two teams to shutout the way they did, in the end Goff, and Rams had the slightly better offense, and come away with a win, and a score settled against divisional rival as they move on.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Okay first off can we have the Jaguars be moved to London please. The Jaguars are way much like a different team outside the U.S. If you are Roger Goodell I would reduce, and expand as they say. The London Jaguars has a good ring to it since they love playing there more than there own home crowd in which they were embarrassed last week against a team perhaps better on paper as everyone expected them to. This was Baltimore's first trip outside another country, and it was not pretty they were bad on both sides of the ball, and Jaguars fought they had won a super bowl at that pace from beginning to end.

Houston Texans Vs New England Patriots: We go from beat downs, to shootouts as a battle between Deshaun Watson, and Tom Brady was one to remember for the season. Watson was not that great against the Bengals, but here against the Patriots he looked really good, and showed that he can lead this team into what they got at quarterback. Sure he lost, but you know what Watson had a great showing its just your facing the GOAT who has been 0-8 against opposing rookies, and that's hard to beat.

Miami Dolphins Vs New York Jets: You want a team that could do absolutely nothing on the offense that was the Miami Dolphins pathetic. Just think they could of been 0-2 if it was not for the kicker that choked for the Chargers last week this week they come nowhere close to beating a team that was projected to have the number 1 in 2018 that's lowsome much.

New York Giants Vs Philadelphia Eagles: This game got very sluggish early, but that was expected being a divisional game, but you know what was stunning is that Odell Beckham did a lot for his team to get that close to getting their first win getting 2 crucial touchdowns. I gotta say they have a chance though to get that first win either next week,, or the week before because after that can they win any other game? Meanwhile Philly is a very unpredictable team that has playoffs potential early on their minds.

Cleveland Browns Vs Indianapolis Colts: Cleveland was favored, and they lost well the spread cursed them for once typical Browns. More shocking is that the Colts offense got explosive for once something we may never see the next 12 games where eventual Andrew Luck will take the field. I'm not sure what's going on with Kizer, but he has been regressing since his first game his numbers, and completions have been terrible making his offense very inferior.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Minnesota Vikings: A game where I fought Tampa would maw the Vikings went in the opposite route, but what we did not know is a lot of the Buccaneers players had a case of the flu. This may have caused them to feel sick to even be on the field in Minnesota for a reason they can't be feeling motivated when sick headed. Meanwhile Setfon Diggs and company are killing it running all the way for Touchdowns. Tamps Bay's illness awareness needs to be cured real soon otherwise you'll be giving desperate teams a win soon.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Detroit Lions: The game of the week in my eyes, this game had it all Atlanta controlled the game, however Matt Ryan threw 3 picks (Interceptions) which was very surprising where I fought maybe the Lions could actually do it, but what happened instead. The final play was overturned, and to make more totally unnecessary give them a runoff killing the 8 seconds royal screw job in Ford Field like the historic pile Lions fans have suffered to since 2010 SOL never dies no matter how much you want it to end it always exists.

New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers: The Saints could not be stopped on the offense as they absolutely controlled the Panthers's secondary, and had a ball game for Drew Brees to slug it out back to back, but only this time come up with the much needed win. For Carolina what do you do life without Greg Olsen?

Denver Broncos Vs Buffalo Bills: Denver looked great defensively last week, but this week they were on receiving end as Buffalo came in and shockingly out beat Denver in the second half to there surprising welcome in and out of Buffalo.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Chicago Bears: I had a feeling Chicago wanted a win so badly, and they got. Da Bears earned it thanks to Jordan Howard, and also the whole Steelers team in the locker room while the anthem plays really Mike Tomlin? No wonder you guys could not win.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Tennessee Titans: The late portion of games were pretty good Seattle kept it close, but not enough to beat the Titans who like they were last year getting a much needed home win against what looked to be a playoff caliber team.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs San Diego Chargers: This game may have been close, but in reality this was brutal to watch for those fans of Phillip had to see pick after pick after pick as the Chiefs went on to 3-0 almost handedly like. I say that because Alex Smith did not even need to throw did that often he just controlled passes that were needed, and that's it.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Green Bay Packers: This was a surprisingly good game in Lambeau Cincinnati hand dominated the Packers for three quarters, but then Aaron Rodgers rallies the troops, and finds a way to get his guys to set in overtime as the Packers just simple ''RELAX'', and are in a three way tie with the Vikings, and Lions for the division title hunt.

Oakland Raiders Vs Washington Redskins: This was a very skippable game I mean the entire time Oakland somehow could not get anything going on the offense, the Redskins were ready, and has a primetime upset, and the Raiders were unprepared.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Arizona Cardinals: It was surprisingly competitive, but in the end Dallas was clearly the better team in the 2nd half as their offense came alive in which we all knew Arizona's Defense would not hold for long as kneeing Cowboys win to go 2-1.

That was week 3 of the NFL let's have more weeks like this until next time america!