Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 4 recap

htoutlaws2012 Another great week in football that ended up being overshadowed the next day to one of the worst U.S shootings in history. Who rose to the occasion, and what teams look to be in trouble for the rest of the season.

Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers: Green Bay was just simply Green Bay no rust in a predictable win, however Jordan Howard did try put a lot of effort, but as good of a one man he was no where for the loss to take. Meanwhile it seemed like the Packers despite looking good lost a lot of players notably both running backs which leaves into question. The combination of Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson lit up where da Bears could not stop the pack on this stormy night.

New Orleans Saints Vs Miami Dolphins: Dreadful that was just as bad as last week only not a total blowout. Jay Cutler once again proving no need as to why Gase panicked by having him instead of Matt Moore who by now knows the offense better by now. Saints defensively even though this not saying have surprised how they got only below 10 given so far in those 2 weeks could we be underestimating the Saints?

Carolina Panthers Vs New England Patriots: Biggest shocker is Cam Newton actually putting together a good game going into New England and beating them. Without Greg Olsen Cam Newton found his charisma back, but will it be short lived? New England did good offensively, but that defense is atrocious worse than they could of imagined. This could be the Patriots may fail to bring home 6th super bowl trophy.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs New York Jets: What on earth is the Jets doing actually winning this game in overtime? There is no reason to win a rebuilding year this holds team you're thinking up a donkeys a** because are so freaking stupid. This game for sure could of been all Jags,but they kept giving opportunities this not what a Jaguars team did in week 1 reeking all havoc what is going on?

Tennessee Titans Vs Houston Texans: Biggest win of all the games I saw, and Watson gets better each week it's scary for opposing teams. Bad news for Titans it's week 15 all over again Mariota is hurt, and if his out for an extended time you might as will kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Detroit Lions Vs Minnesota Vikings: Tough game both teams look to have top 10 defenses and it showed how resilient Lions defense making Minnesota avoid a passing touchdown. Abdullah rised to the occasion, while Dalvin Cook was a another ACL victim as not only did the Vikings lose competitively they lost a big weapon on the offense. Pray Teddy can run again that's all I'm going say week 6 things can turnaround if Teddy is ready.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Dallas Cowboys: This was a great back and firth game between two young quarterbacks. In the end though the difference was Todd Gurley owning the Cowboys defense all over the place. Maybe now is good to believe have a top 10 underrated offense.

Buffalo Bills Vs Atlanta Falcons: Just think the Lions were screwed from becoming a surprising 4-0 team to the Falcons deservedly lose the following so to that I say thank you Buffalo.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens: This was a big disappointment Ravens and Steelers would usually play close in Baltimore not even they were at Joe Flacco he was terrible that game, and nobody disagrees with that statement.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Cleveland Browns: The battle was incredibly skippable game I mean Browns blow even worse than a declining Marvin Lewis is just awful.

New York Giants Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This was a must win for the Giants because their division, and schedule has to be the toughest to go through. The fact this nightmare 0-4 start has been fulfilled could be inching closer to Ben McAdoo being fired.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Arizona Cardinals: I was really pulling for San Fran to win because they were due for a win, and by no means do I think there in any way good, but at least better than the garbage Cardinals. Unfortunately Arizona had a little luck with Fitzgerald coming through in overtime.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Los Angeles Chargers: Good back, and forth game Rivers bounced back better, but it might as well be the Chargers on the road for each, and every game remaining because all I see are Philly fans in that stadium.

Oakland Raiders Vs Denver Broncos: It was a good game until Derek Carr got hurt, and if his back is banged up badly then that sucks for a team that was projected a super bowl contender. With EJ Manuel I have no confidence in that offense would do a thing now is the time to feed beast mode now or never.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Seattle Seahawks: Surprisingly tough game in the 1st half, but after that it was all Seattle as expected Colts should be thinking about the future not with Jacoby Brissett.

Washington Redskins Vs Kansas City Chiefs: The final game which was a great way to end week 4 in a tough nail bitter between the undefeated Chiefs, and the Redskins who got a massive amount of injuries all of this game mostly on the defensive side of the ball is like they got shot bad by someone innocently like oh i'm not going there. Alex Smith, and the Chiefs's looked great despite giving up points great effort in the pursuit of perhaps a super bowl potential run.

That was week 4 of the NFL.