Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Week 5 of the 2017 Regular NFL Season

The Top Ten

1 Big Ben will get sacked 5 times against Jacksonville

Sacksonville will return perhaps, and absolutely whomp the steelers on the defensive side of the ball does that mean they'll win not exactly. - htoutlaws2012

2 Dolphins and Titans combined score less than 30 points between each other

This is going to be an ugly mess of a game in a battle between Matt Cassel and Jay Cutler can anybody else at least get into the plate? - htoutlaws2012

3 EJ Manuel throws 3 Interceptions against Baltimore

I'm not sure if you remember exactly how bad Manuel was when he was in Buffalo. He would always have a below average passer rating, and make poor decisions. With that said I think Baltimore will finally get back on track temporarily. - htoutlaws2012

4 Deshone Kizer once again throws for more interceptions then touchdowns against the Jets

Deshone Kizer is on pace to throw more interceptions in a season to any quarterback which is terrible. I mean he already has thrown 8 picks this season in the first 4 games I mean who does that? With perhaps 34 more picks to go I feel real bad for the hapless Browns team, and more sorry that the Jets are not tanking correctly. - htoutlaws2012

5 AJ Green will only have 30 yards against Buffalo

Somehow Buffalo had Julio Jones below 50 yards so could be the same for AJ Green. - htoutlaws2012

6 Ameer Abdullah snaps the 100 yard run for a lions running back since 2013

Abdullah was very close to finally ending a long time drought streak for Detroit today is a good day to have be banished. - htoutlaws2012

7 Pierre Garcon has 150+ and 2 Touchdowns against the Colts

Garcon was shut down last week against a so, and so Cardinals team, he'll get back on track against a team gives up a lot on the pass. - htoutlaws2012

8 Zach Ertz has 125 yards, and 2 Touchdowns against Arizona

Eagles Tight End Ertz has been very explosive so far this year leading all tight end in yards. There's a good chance that is going to continue as Eagles should take care of business against a mediocre Cardinals team that has zero running game. - htoutlaws2012

9 Paul Perkins has more attempts then the yards his suppose to get against LA Chargers

New York is dead last on the run, and Perkins is not quite the spark plug for this team especially how terrible their offensive line truly is trust me I've been there look at our 2015 season we virtual had no stock in an offensive line, With the said this looks almost very realistic. Actually make this Wayne Gallman I did not know Perkins was not a go, but yeah same idea just actually think Wayne Gallman. - htoutlaws2012

10 Will Fuller has 150 yards, and a touchdowns against the Chiefs

Fuller had a good game last week against Tennessee so he could come up big in what could be a potential team playing upset to a team that has not lost yet. - htoutlaws2012

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