Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 5 recap

htoutlaws2012 Week 5 one to forget for the most part, but there was a lot of tight games to see even if they were crap teams for the most part.

New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: we start with a very so so Thursday night game they could of been way more. Between O.J Howard, and the kicker having a crucial miss led to a loss at home against Brady, and the Patriots.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Philadelphia Eagles: a very one sided thrashing as the Eagles owned the Cardinals even without key players the backups played it tough.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: All I gotta is what is going on with the AFC north division? Steelers looked extremely bad against Jacksonville. Big Ben's worst game in his 13 year career. No touchdowns, all interceptions. Pittsburgh maybe a soap opera week by week with the supposed best trio in the league. Meanwhile rookie sensation Leonard Fournette absolutely destroyed the steelers defensive running game at that point yeah it was over.

Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins: My thoughts are the same exact as I predicted low scoring and unwatchable especially when even though Dolphins won barely Cutler still sucks I mean the stats don't change, meanwhile life is hard without Mariota for the Titans.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs New York Giants: The battle of two unlikely teams to make the playoffs. Chargers in one of the more difficult division while Giants are severely disappointing while they also are in one of the hardest divisions. Can they beat of them? Most likely not now with 4 Wide Recivers that might be on the self for awhile. Which leads to Melvin Gordon's game winner to have the Chargers finally the W on a depleted Giants team.

San Francisco 49ers vs Indianapolis Colts: Once two horrid teams square off, 49ers again almost tasted victory, only this time Adam Vinateri the greatest clutch kicker comes in to save the Colts.

Buffalo Bills Vs Cincinnati Bengals: At first I suprised that many people picked Cincinnati strangely, and I'm stunned they beat Buffalo after having a hot streak beating two other good teams they lose to a team were not sure can even stay consistent enough to stay alive... Steelers looked really bad so its anybody except Browns of course.

New York Jets Vs Cleveland Browns: Speaking of those turds you would think this could of been a potential win based on the preview, in year two under Hue Jackson at this rate he'll a combine overall coaching record of 2-30.

Carolina Panthers vs Detroit Lions: Everyone wanted to see how Newton would respond after his sexist comments spark an advantage for Detroit. They started off interesting... until Ed Dickson put the fire out of The lions's defense. Cam was on fire like he was last week. In the end Lions have bigger issues on the offensive side surrenders a total of 12 sacks the last two weeks. Also sending a message to Eborn that he is a bum by dropping easy passes.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Oakland Raiders: I expected Ravens bounce back because I cannot take an EJ Manuel Raiders team seriously. With Amari Cooper having little targets that smells trouble for the future.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Los Angeles Rams: A very intriguing divisional game where it was whose defense was slightly better, and Legion of boom prevailed over the Rams escaping with a much needed win.

Green Bay Packers Vs Dallas Cowboys: Things got a lot better towards the end portion week, and after getting beat by Green Bay last year Dallas wanted revenge did they succeed? Almost... problem in Dallas one Aaron Rodgers has enough to deliver a clutch touchdown for the Packers.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Houston Texans: At first the game was very one sided, then in 4th things got really interesting. Watson starts to light up the Chiefs coming alive, but that soon be tge last time as there was no stopping Kareem Hunt in the 2nd half giving the Chiefs enough to get out of Houston 5-0.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Chicago Bears: Boring first half game, then things got pretty good as it got to wire, and in his debut Trubisky threw an interception to Harrison Smith as the Vikings get out with a win in Solider field.

That was week 5 of the NFL, you may have noticed there are teams that did not play this week well they take there bye week in which Falcons, Broncos, Saints, & Redskins all did that this week to rest. Meanwhile let's hope for more good football games, and no publicity stunts until next time.