Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 6 recap

Week 6 had a lot of close finishes, but also actual upsets you didn't see coming needless to say however the ratings once again fell hard. This was a week they might be forgettable, but not for the Kansas City Chiefs for that matter.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Carolina Panthers: Kicking off with a good Thursday night game although Cam Newton did not have a great game considering he turned the ball over 3 times some by the help of the returning Fletcher Cox, Eagles got the win 28-23 this makes the Eagles a strong contender for the NFC conference being the sole 4-1 team going.

Detroit Lions Vs New Orleans Saints: Speaking of Quarterbacks who had a very atrocious game we go from bounce backs, to cash in failures in Matthew Stafford and the Lions who looked terrible against the Saints. I'm thinking to myself its 45-10 you would assume the loss is already in play, and the coach should benched Stafford just heal up right? No Jim Caldwell keeps his guy in there while enduring a ton of pain. Sure he comeback with 3 touchdowns in garbage that does not excuse the fact how bad you were that game you deserved that loss. Meanwhile Drew Brees while he did not have 300 yards in this game shocking as it is he played a masterful game against the Lions.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Washington Redskins: once again the winless 49ers played tough in 5 out of there 6 games, and come up short that's gotta suck for Kyle Shanahan. Meanwhile Kirk Cousins can stick it to his former mentor by simply scoring with ''YOU LIKE THAT!''

Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings: Bad news Packers fans Aaron Rodgers is done for the year with a collarbone injury a quart back's kryptonite ask Tony Romo how his career ended. Minnesota takes complete advantage of the big injury as there offense was definitely unprepared for this Vikings team as they looked good in owning the backup quarterback if your the Vikings, Lions, or even Da Bears this loss for Green Bay has gotta feel huge for the division title.

New England Patriots Vs New York Jets: A game NFL Network really had high hypes for in this divisional game where it delivered, but of course the Patriots get back on track, and lead the division once again. Despite losing Chris Hogan, and benching Mike Gillislee.

Miami Dolphins Vs Atlanta Falcons: Well, well, well... I can't believe the Falcons lost to one of the worst AFC teams in the league led by Jay Cutler and company what happened to the Falcons? This is a game they should have won, but gave up 20 points in the 2nd half that shades of how they lost the super bowl. The super hangover is real makes me wonder if the Falcons might miss the playoffs with games like this.

Chicago Bears Vs Baltimore Ravens: This was an exciting game with a gut wrenching 4th quarter, Bears looked like they had the Ravens to there heals, but they ended up 2 lucky punt return touchdowns to keep them in the game, however in overtime Jordan Howard crushed the hopes of Ravens maybe surviving the upset which they could not.

Cleveland Browns vs Houston Texans: Predictable, and the easiest lock of the week being The Texans own the Browns nothing really that surprisingly other than brother that Kev Hogan blows.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: This was a very interesting content between two teams that were much better than the previous 3 years combined. Even though Jacksonville good early on there defense slumbered giving up way too much points out of reach of being close to the Rams. Hey a least we got the showcase of two running backs who preformed well at least I had the right idea coming into this game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Arizona Cardinals: I was stunned to see Arizona's offense click as well as they did against the weakest link of the NFC south in the Struggling Buccaneers who ended up losing Jameis Winston for the remainder of the game, luckily his not out long since he only sprained the AC joint. Ryan Fitzpatrick however did do a fairly good job coming in as backup, and almost got his team to comeback to win only to fall short by Patrick Peterson. Interesting how guys late in there career looked great against the Bucs all having that type performance could be there last in all there careers. AP would be there that long when David Johnson comes back, Palmer has got to retire after this season, and Fitzgerald wants to go on a high note because his not getting any close to a ring then when he did in the 2015 season.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Oakland Raiders: Derek Carr is back well he regroup his team from a disaster start? He almost did, but the Chargers come up with win thanks to Phillip Rivers not turning the ball over once in that entire game. Things don't get any better when an angry Chiefs team come to town.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Kansas City Chiefs: Speaking of Chiefs I felt were due to lose, and Steelers playing the way they did, and always having Kansas City's number I had a strange feeling all that soap opera drama would come ahead into a track for the Chiefs as they lose to a spectacular killing Antonio Brown catch that sealed the end to maybe a possible undefeated if they had won at that point which was not to be.

New York Giants Vs Denver Broncos: Who could say with a straight face that the New York Giants without OBJ, without Brandon Marshall, and without Sterling Shepard they would have any chance of winning sounds crazy doesn't it. Well Mile high did not bother the Giants one bit, and Denver struggle hard on the offense despite somewhat moving the chains just not that often for touchdowns. I'd say this probably the most shocking win of the week since Denver was coming off the bye they had 2 weeks to prepare for a bad Giants that could only go for a tight end, and a running back how do you screw that up entirely? You let a ridiculously predictable offense beat you on the run no less is stunning, and not only that the only you should of really been considered in the passing game was Evan Engram. I tell you what Gary Kubiak would not lose games like this.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Tennessee Titans: To end the week was a mondy night game that was a must win for the Titans, and not so much the Colts since they were a team a lot of people thought would be horrible, but find themselves with 2 wins is just insane. The first half was like watching a baseball game a bad one. Then if anybody was up in the 4th quarter was where the exciting plays happened as the Titans finally beat the Colts after getting beat by them for the last 6 years might be good things to come win those important division games.

That week 6 of the NFL, stunners, great finishes, and sum just stupidly bad football until then i'm the outlaw check in next week for week 7 as hit halfway home to potential MVP candidates.