Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 7 recap

Week 7 has some pretty great contest for some were a must win to stay alive in contention, while others are starting to slip away further from how they started out to be this is week 7 of the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders: We start with a real dandy of a Thursday night game, and Oakland really shocked me leading up this game I though for sure the Chiefs were clearly the better team, but in the country of the black hole Amari, Cooper, and Derek Carr (AC DC connection) was enough to put away what looked to be the favorites of the AFC.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Los Angeles Rams: Once again London was robbed of what I thought was going to be a good game for once over there turned into an unexpected on sided game where Arizona loses Carson Palmer for pretty much a great portion of the 2nd half meaning you might as well rule them out of the playoffs right now. Rams look like the team we fought all season, meanwhile the Cardinals pretended for a week as they lost embarrassingly in London.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Minnesota Vikings: Things could get any better for the Vikings eliminating Aaron Rodgers from the equation, and that changed life back into the NFC North. Despite losing a couple of offensive line players they still looked good against a what looks to be a mediocre Baltimore team.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Indianapolis Colts: Jaguars are the most upside down team this season every week they become predictable win, then lose, win, then lose can we try to get on a streak since you kinda have a alright defense that is capable, anyways Colts look bad as they should be they were the worst on preview, and it shows here as it well be a long season for the Colts.

New York Jets Vs Miami Dolphins: A battle of what looked to be for last place Miami at first looked poor with Cutler out there, and then the real hero for the Dolphins Matt Moore who should have started in the first place slings it out to Landry, and Stills as the Jets could not adjust. Josh McCown was having a solid game for about 3 quarters of football football until making a very bad mistake by just lofting up the ball for an interception boom that was the game no overtime as Dolphins feel relieved they won this game.

Carolina Panthers Vs Chicago Bears: For most people they did not see this coming, back in my mind I fought da Bears were capable of getting a win like this since its John Fox's former team. I was very impressed by the defensive of the ball for Chicago the fact they halted the Panthers to 3 points makes their defense look really underrated. Meanwhile the star of that defense was rookie safety Eddie Jackson not only picking off Cam Newton, but also recovers the lose fumble for a touchdown great hustler right there folks.

Tennessee Titans Vs Cleveland Browns: This was the most brutal of all the games to watch both offenses were terrible, and the biggest devastator is the fact the Browns near the end of the game lose Joe Thomas for the rest of the game, and when they got to overtime the Titans saw that significant injury as they escape with a very weak win. I say if Joe Thomas was not hurt at all you bet this team would have won for sure based on how terrible the Titans were the majority of this game.

New Orleans Saints Vs Green Bay Packers: Coming into the game was the official start for one Brett Hundley would he have any chance to save the day? At first the game got interesting, but when 2nd half hit you knew the Saints would show up, and come out the victors meanwhile Hundley had only a total of 87 yards, and ran one for a touchdown despite that he still looked just as terrible as he did last week his passer is rating is pretty much the same I mean how can any team win with a pass rating of 39.9, Green Bay is clearly missing Aaron Rodgers.

Dallas Cowboys Vs San Francisco 49ers: I fought the 49ers would of made a valiant effort stand against Dallas, but of course not Cowboys absolutely destroyed the hapless 49ers using everybody that had a great game all around. Dez, Zeke, heck even Witten. Kyle Shanahan is suppose to be this offensive guru, and his missing pieces that are just not getting the job done of winning football games, and here its not even close.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: A historic rivalry filled with bad blood for quite the recent years was dominated by the Steelers. One notable thing is that once again Burfict could resist going after a defenseless player the Bengals need to do something about him man you can't win games with a dirty player like that doing it consistently.

Seattle Seahawks Vs New York Giants: Seattle may have found their offense, well temporarily which is good sense what if the Giants found a way to win here to. Seahawks exposed what looked to be an okay passing defense in the Giants just gives up 20+ points while only scoring a sole touchdown the rightfully weakly banged up offense they are.

Denver Broncos Vs Los Angeles Chargers: Wow do the Broncos look really bad the last few weeks on both the offense, and defense what is up here? Its bad when you're offense tends to be almost one dimensional, and that kills many teams down the stretch. Props to Phillip Rivers though bouncing back from the disastrous 0-4 start, and turning in 3 wins keeping them in an interesting contention.

Atlanta Falcons Vs New England Patriots: This game was just shockingly bad, and man do the Falcons suddenly look real bad having to score a touchdown nearly at the end of the game while New England looks to be back where they left off that's scary. This is a team that was terrible so far this on defense all across the board now with a game like this the confidence begins to build suddenly because the demoralized Falcons are not what they once were at all.

Washington Redskins Vs Philadelphia Eagles: How about them Philadelphia Eagles, I figured they would improve in year two of Carson Wentz, but I did not think the Eagles would be 6-1, and a very resilient 6-1 might I add. The Eagles might just be the best team of the NFC East by far have looked very impressive finding backups to step up in those big holes. While Redskins are not that terrible of a team, losing pieces at offensive line may hurt the team down the road, and they have lost big pieces that are notable to see if they can grind it out to the end is the questionable answer to be decided.

That was week 7, another exciting thrills of comebacks, finishes, and overall one without a lot of blowout finishes. What will week 8 be in store until then see you next time.