Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 8 recap

Week having a short list of games you may see, and well there was maybe one game that is pretty memorable while others are just okay this was week 8 of the NFL.

Miami Dolphins Vs Baltimore Ravens: Honestly I fought it would be the other way around, but Miami just looked abysmally horrible in every level to the point they started throwing dirty cheap shots notable on Joe Flacco who could be out for a few games. Meanwhile Baltimore had a running game surprisingly in this game that was enough to past by the tragedy with the cheap turned into a victory.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Cleveland Browns: On preview Vikings are clearly going to molly wop the Browns right well not in the way I expected them to considering the Browns were very competitive in London. In a valiant effort however they were just no match against a top 10 defense in the Vikings.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Philadelphia Eagles: Like the Vikings you expected the Eagles to take care of business on a rebuilding 49ers team that is not quite there yet especially with an incredibly weak offense.

Carolina Panthers Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ugly game Carolina's defense was just too dominant for Jameis Winston to overcome. Yeah Cam Newton not the reason for their win its the defense stay in it for 4 quarters.

Chicago Bears Vs New Orleans Saints: Really good game one of the better ones Chicago had a chance to seek an upset, but Trubisky threw that away to another rising rookie in Marshon Lattimore.

Atlanta Falcons Vs New York Jets: A battle if who looks worse between these two, and Falcons got an assist from the 10 second runoff, and also coming up with a Mohamed Sanu touchdown at the right time.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs New England Patriots: A somewhat sub-par game that was mostly boring to me, sure Its Brady, and Rivers, and they played tight, but I felt like I needed more from this game which I did not seem to have for it.

Oakland Raiders Vs Buffalo Bills: This game was maybe a bit surprising at the fact that Raiders could of made it close even if they were going to lose, but in the end the Bills started to figure out the weakness of the Raiders up in the secondary all banged up, and also McCoy runs effectively to really keep off balance of the defense.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Ugly game that was a one point difference coming down who makes the more critical mistake in which Brissett took the pick as the Colts fall to the Bengals.

Houston Texans Vs Seattle Sehawks: Ladies and gentleman this game was fantastic a back and forth display of two young quarterbacks of the future. Watson despite being the one who lost looked great never quitting even with 3 interceptions, meanwhile Seattle had an unbelievable comeback with Jimmy Graham, and Paul Richardson steeping there game to making the most thrilling that I have seen so far this year.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Washington Redskins: Competitive division game that went one sided in the second half pretty much Cousins just was not good technically speaking he through 3 picks, but two of those were erased due to penalties, but still Cousins looked terrible, and Zeke Elliott after fumbling the first snap burns the Redskins like he did with the hapless 49ers last week.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Detroit Lions: This game was one of the better Sunday night games, but to be honest the Lions offense was very nonexistent despite moving the chain on the pass for the most part could get it done they could have won with Matt Prater, but Jim Caldwell, and Jim Bob Cooter decided not to be conservative for one game that cost them the win.

Denver Broncos Vs Kansas City Chiefs: This game was very competitive at first then Siemian just gave the game away almost as the Chiefs move on to prove why there the best team in there respective division.