Top Ten Predictions for TheTopTens in 2017


The Top Ten

1 Some users will still be angry at the policy

If the policy get scrapped than... - Chromium

2 More user retirements and users joining

Ikr. New users will always replace the old users. - Chromium

Well users will retire for sure,but most probably they will be permanent inactivate than announced retirements.I have been to other sites than toptens and I have seen it,most users become inactive after 5 years. - zxm

3 The admin updates the site

I would like that one to happen. - Chromium

I have seen few updated since I joined,hope there'll be more updates. - zxm

4 Few old users will come back

Currently I know only two old users who are still active,and those are BKAllmighty and MatrixGuy (talking about the users who joined before 2010) - zxm

5 TheTopTens becomes more popular
6 New achievements added

Yes, maybe things like: number of added images, number of added items (to own lists, to other people's lists). - Metal_Treasure

Currently there are few potential achievements.achievements like 10k votes on lists most likely won't happen,cause most of the potential lists are already been made - zxm

7 More famous YouTubers will check out this site

Justin Bieber will get annoyed by the hate comments about him. - Chromium

8 We will be able to add more dishonorable mentions

I want 10 dishonorable mentions.3 is pretty much less cause there are lots of misleading items or troll items - zxm

Yes, I would like to have more than 3 options. - Metal_Treasure

9 More funny trolls

No, thanks. Funny or not, for me all trolls are annoying pathetic creatures, like mosquitoes. - Metal_Treasure

If a good list has been taken by a troll then it wouldn't be fair. - zxm

10 We will be able to delete lists

I hope this will never happen because: 1) users will become more irresponsible when making lists and the quality of the site will decline. When you know you can't delete a list you probably think more about the consequences. 2) all users who made remixes and comments on the deleted lists will lose their points and this isn't fair. Users with comments and remixes will be punished for somebody else's stupidity. - Metal_Treasure

I agree with MT here,I asked admin why they won't let us to delete lists.they said its unfair to users who made remixes and commented on it,and for the more thing some lists can be deleted like dating lists.if its about the users. - zxm

The Contenders

11 We will be able to comment without voting

For lacking of this troll lists get more famous and trolls inspire other trolls - zxm

12 Visitors can be able to add items to all lists again

Not on all lists. This Needs to Happen on All Lists.

This needs to happen. Otherwise this site would be completely ruined.

Admin, Please Fix This. Don't Be Such a Hitler.

they can - zxm

13 More "scariest logos" lists
14 More lists about hating grounded videos
15 Visitors will be able to make lists
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