Top Ten Pretentious Titles for Ordinary Jobs


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21 Permanent Residence Construction Engineer ~ (Grave Digger)
22 Mobility Facilitator ~ (Car Thief)

MOBILITY FACILITATOR REQUIRED: The successful applicant must lack human decency and a conscience. No previous experience necessary as full training given. Flexible hours to suit. Wages in cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. Guaranteed job satisfaction. Anyone interested in this position should apply to Robin Carrs, care of Her Majesty's Prison, Idiotsville. Post haste. - Britgirl

23 Recreational Intermediary ~ (Pimp)
24 Presidential Portrait Artist ~ (Counterfeiter)
25 Over-The-Shoulder Boulder-Holder Moulder ~ (Bra Fitter)

ATTENTION: want an exciting opportunity to get to grips with well-rounded women? We are currently seeking Boulder Holder Molders to make clients feel uplifted and well cared for. Some previous hands-on experience required but not essential. Applicants just need to be keen, enthusiastic and keep abreast and have a hand in ladies' lingerie. Guaranteed job satisfaction! Interested applicants should apply post haste to: Norma Stitts and Bits. Late appointments available to prevent coming early. - Britgirl

26 Prophet ~ (Preacher/Pastor)

I am Joseph Smith and you will call me a prophet. - SteelCity99

27 Ambassador to God ~ (Pastor/Preacher)
28 Emergency Dietitian ~ (Drug Dealer)
29 Healer of Mankind ~ (Nurse)
30 Senior Executive Location Manager ~ (Car Park Attendant)

I had to add this. I nearly sliced through the tip of my finger while dead-heading my roses when I heard my neighbour say that this was the title of his "profession" to someone he was talking to on the phone. I don't think I'll be able to look him in the eye without laughing ever again. - Britgirl

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